The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

North Oaks 

•The house sitter on Oriole Lane called 911 after she took the family dog out to do its business in the early morning hours of June 25 and noticed the family’s 2001 Chevy Tahoe had gone missing. The 16-year-old SUV was recovered the next day near the East Recreation Center.

•Chump change was all that was missing from a vehicle broken into overnight June 25 in the first block of Evergreen Lane. The real damage was the broken passenger window on the vehicle, which was parked in the resident’s driveway.



•Friends living together in an Owasso Street apartment were not very friendly just before midnight June 14. That’s when the 38-year-old man pushed and threatened his 37-year-old fiancee. The woman, who suffered a lacerated knee, called 911 and deputies picked up the boyfriend and took him to jail on charges of fifth-degree assault, domestic assault and disorderly conduct. A restraining order is in the works.

•It was Ladies Night at the liquor store June 14 in the 2100 block of Red Fox Road. That’s when three ladies grabbed a bottle of pricey Hennessy cognac and made for the door. No suspects.

•It was a fool’s errand, but he was the man for the job. On June 15, a 42-year-old Blaine man posted nude pictures of his 26-year-old ex-wife, her purported desire to perform lap dances and her contact information on the internet. An investigation is underway.

•The maintenance department faced off against a stray cat that had taken up residence in the underground garage of the building June 16 in the 400 block of Hwy. 96. Efforts to catch the elusive cat failed until employees borrowed a live trap from county animal control officers and baited it with sardines. That worked, except staffers were scratched and bitten removing the feral feline. The animal was quarantined at Hillcrest Animal Hospital for a rabies check.

•Yikes. A woman living alone in a Galtier Street townhouse heard the doorbell the evening of June 17. The 84-year-old, who does not speak English, ignored it. Hours later, there was serious banging on the door. The woman ignored the pounding and called her daughter, who called 911. Arriving deputies found attempts to break into the townhouse that were not successful.

•It just wouldn’t be a Saturday night, actually the wee hours of Sunday, Father’s Day, June 18 without a carful of youths raising a ruckus. The driver, a 22-year-old Forest Lake man, accused an 18-year-old passenger of being a lesbian. The 18-year-old said she was “proud of being a lesbian” and punched the driver in the face. Two others in the vehicle laid low. Arriving deputies filed pending disorderly conduct charges against the 18- and 22-year-olds.

•Early risers in the 4200 block of Virginia Avenue June 18 were treated to the sight of a prowler going through vehicles in the driveways and peeping in windows. A resident called 911 and a 19-year-old Shoreview man was arrested and charged with “tampering with an auto” and “entering an auto without consent.” He was cited and released.

•A Canadian version of Publisher’s Clearing House contacted an 88-year-old local woman on June 19, informing her she had won $600,000, but first needed to pay $8,000 in taxes and fees before a van arrived with the $600,000. The elderly woman paid the $8,000 and was on her way back to her bank to get more when she told a friend about the winnings. The friend convinced her to call the Sheriff’s Office, where she learned of the scam.

•Bike theft season continues with the loss of a 10-speed Specialized Elite model valued at $999. The unsecured bicycle was taken off the rack attached to a vehicle parked in the 3600 block of Victoria Street the morning of June 19.

•A teen found a motorcycle that looked like a good deal for $1,000 on Craig’s List and emailed the seller with his intention to buy. The seller told the 18-year-old to purchase e-Bay gift cards on June 16, send them off and the bike would be shipped to him on June 18. On that date, and having sent the gift cards, the buyer was unable to make contact with the seller and, according to the forces of justice, is no doubt out the $1,000.

•Prowlers worked the guest parking lot at the Country Inn & Suites in the 1500 block of Hall Street June 20 where four work trucks were ransacked. Two of the trucks suffered losses totaling $1,170.

•A teen, advertising her services as a babysitter online, received an offer and a check for $3,500 in the mail June 21 along with a message to keep $800, and return $2,700 by Moneygram to an address in Texas. Suspicious, the 17-year-old was advised by the authorities to bank the entire $3,500 and to not send anything, anywhere until the check clears. (It won’t.)

•Both Dad (48) and his son (18) left their wallets in a unlocked vehicle on Galtier Place on June 22 and both wallets were stolen, but not reported until four days later. Both men’s credit cards were taken and two of the older man’s cards were used before the theft was reported.

•Reacting to some commotion outside their Bluestem Lane address early in the morning of June 23, residents found their 2010 Acura gone and a 2009 Highlander left in its place. Three suspects were seen in the area. An investigation is underway.

•An unfamiliar male was found asleep on their couch the evening of June 24 by residents in the 4100 block of Lexington Avenue. The 40-year-old with a New York City address was served with a trespass notice.

•A woman visiting her 31-year-old boyfriend on Harriet Circle left her purse in her vehicle overnight June 26. The next morning the 32-year-old Woodbury resident found her vehicle broken into and that $400 worth of jewelry and makeup in the purse had gone missing.

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