The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

North Oaks

• Deputies responded at 8 a.m. the morning of Nov. 14 to a report of a person sleeping in a truck in the middle of Willow Road. The truck was gone on their arrival but found later. The driver, a 21-year-old female out of Morton, Minnesota, was charged with receiving stolen property (the car), driving after license suspension and on an active warrant for her arrest. She was booked into jail.

• An animal control officer investigated a report of a raccoon moving slowly Nov. 30 in the first block of Swallow Lane. The animal was transported to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.


• A Sylvia Lane resident called 911 the afternoon of Nov. 13 because an opossum was blocking her front door. A trash bag was next to the front door and the opossum wasn’t about to give it up. A deputy relocated the critter to the woods behind the house.

• A prowler busted the side window of a 44-year-old woman’s truck the morning of Nov. 13 at the dog park in the 5900 block of Lexington Avenue, making off with her purse which contained credit cards and a wallet containing $40.

• A 17-year-old boy, stopped for driving with expired tabs Nov. 16 on Lexington Avenue, was also cited for driving after license revocation and no proof of insurance. 

• A Ham Lake couple was celebrating at a family gathering Nov. 17 in St. Paul when things went awry. The boyfriend, who said his girlfriend was being “too friendly” with another man, physically assaulted the woman, leaving her with cuts and bruises before he fled the scene. The 25-year-old man was picked up and charged with felony assault as a result of two previous convictions for violation of an order for protection. He was booked into jail.

• A Victoria Street resident cleaned and butchered a deer the afternoon of Nov. 18 and now has it hanging on his fence, his wife told county Animal Control. She’s worried about coyotes (as she should be). The couple was advised to move the deer inside.

• A local woman reported that she may have been “catfished” after sending $75,000 via Moneygram Nov. 18 to a person she had been dating online. (“Catfishing” is hiding your true identity on social media.) An investigation is underway.

• A man picked up an order of banana bread the morning of Nov. 19 at Kowalski’s on Highway 96 and then skipped the part where you pay for it. The 64-year-old Maple Grove man was identified and cited for theft of the 10 loaves, valued at a total of $60.

• A work vehicle with the keys inside was reported stolen overnight Nov. 20 from a parking lot in the 4600 block of Chatsworth Street. Tools inside the 2006 Chevy SUV were valued at $10,000. The vehicle was recovered in the city of Ramsey, but the tools were no longer in it. No suspects.

• Evicted occupants of an apartment in the 200 block of Mayfair Road left their cat behind Nov. 20. The renter, a 66-year-old Vadnais Heights man, is not responding to phone calls. The cat awaits its fate at the St. Paul Animal Control Center.

• An investigation of a report of an adult male and an adult female arguing in the middle of Rice Street the morning of Nov. 22 led to the woman telling deputies she had been using meth. The 29-year-old was transported to a local hospital.

• A squad was dispatched at 5 a.m. Nov. 24 to the 500 block of Arner Avenue on a report of an unresponsive male who was not breathing. Despite lifesaving measures by Lake Johanna firefighters, the 95-year-old man was pronounced dead.

• A deputy relocated a still-frisky gray squirrel from the 5800 block of Hodgson Road to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Nov. 26 after a resident reported the animal had “its head buried in the ground for the past two days.”

• A white tailgate for a Chevy pickup was stolen overnight Nov. 26 in the 3500 block of Owasso Street. No suspects.

• A resident transported an injured owl from her yard in the 44000 block of Snail Lake Boulevard the morning of Nov. 27 to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. 

• A man reported on Nov. 27 that on Oct. 17 (yes, weeks earlier — this is not a typo) he awoke to realize that his keys and his 2008 blue Dodge Caravan were missing. No suspects.

• A cab driver filed a report of a theft of a fare Nov. 29 in the 4100 block of Lexington Avenue when two passengers attempted to pay $42.50 for the ride with a debit card. The card was declined, and the couple went into an apartment building to get the cash. They never returned.

• Deputies responded to a report of a hit-and-run incident the afternoon of Dec. 1 in the 3500 block of Owasso Street. A mom told deputies that her ex-husband had run over her foot following a child custody exchange, then left the scene. The woman was not injured. The ex-husband reported that he was unaware he had run over the foot and had left the scene to “de-escalate” a verbal argument. Deputies advised both parties on better ways to manage a child custody exchange. 

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