The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:


North Oaks

• A 46-year old White Bear Township man was charged with one count of felony terroristic threats March 13 for sending repeated text messages to a 58-year-old former employee, threatening to kill him over money matters. The suspect was booked into the Ramsey County Jail.


• An officer stopped a vehicle the afternoon of March 19 at Pleasant Lake and South Deep Lake roads and determined the occupants, out of White Bear Lake, had no business being in North Oaks. The driver, a 22-year-old man, was charged with driving after license revocation and no proof of insurance. Both he and his 25-year-old female passenger were charged with trespassing. The vehicle was impounded.



• Deputies were called to a dispute between housemates in the 4400 block of Churchill Street at 2 a.m. March 10. A 55-year-old woman was unable to find a wad of bills she had hidden at her boyfriend’s house and was pointing a finger at the boyfriend, suggesting he had something to do with the missing cash. The woman, who, according to deputies, had been drinking, said “the total was $1,600 — or was it $1,700?” Deputies helped the woman search for the cash for an hour but to no avail.


• The Shoreview Community Center closed its doors to the public at 8 p.m. on March 11 for a child’s pool party. The center was hosting a benefit at the facility in the 4600 block of Victoria Street to honor the families of child heart transplant recipients, as well as those about to undergo the surgery. Trusting attendees left lockers unlocked, but during the event a thief made off with $300 in cash.


• A trip to the credit union went awry the afternoon of March 12 when an 18-year-old Hugo woman left in a huff after wrapping up an argument in a parking lot, but not before banging into a car in the drive-thru of the Building and Trades Credit Union on Rice Street. Fleeing that hit-and-run scene, the 18-year-old hit another vehicle, then bounced off a guard and crashed into a pond. Witnesses saw the woman crawl away from that crash, bruised and bloodied, and head into a nearby archery supply shop. Deputies were called and the teen was taken to Regions Hospital for treatment of her injuries. An empty bottle that had contained an alcoholic beverage was found on the vehicle floor. The woman’s blood alcohol content was determined to be in excess of double the legal limit and charges of DWI and underage consumption await the results of a blood draw at Regions.


• A 41-year-old man reported receiving an IRS phone scam attempt the afternoon of March 12. For readers unaware of these attempts, you are reminded that the IRS does not contact people initially by phone, does not threaten them with arrest, and does not demand payment in the form of gift cards.


• A 48-year-old Oakdale man was charged with violation of a protection order via the internet for making changes to a 35-year-old local female victim’s profile on Facebook.


• A male guest at Target in the 3800 block of Lexington Avenue was warned March 14 about “stalking and harassing” a 24-year-old female employee repeatedly, according to the victim. His behavior was noted in case the suspect out of St. Paul, a 53-year-old in the store on March 14 to “get his eyes checked,” is involved in future encounters with the victim.


• A Terrace Drive resident borrowed a live trap from county animal control March 15 in the hopes of capturing a large cat that has been “trespassing and destroying his property plus interfering with the family’s day care operations.”


• Around March 15 vandals north of County Road I in McCullough Park cut the motion detector and security lights, then burned up the port-a-potty until only its plastic base remained. The damage was estimated at $850.


• A thief cut the security cables the morning of March 16 at Target in the 3800 block of Lexington Avenue and made off with three iPhones, a 7, an 8 and a 10. Video showed a 6-foot-tall male in his 30s   wearing a Dallas Cowboys T-shirt. An apparent accomplice was shown as a 5-foot-10 male in his 20s  wearing a white hoodie and black pants.


• A man with a history of domestic-related convictions seriously violated a no-contact order by breaking into his ex-fiancee’s apartment at 4 a.m. on March 16. The woman awoke and called 911. The 29-year-old St. Paul man was booked into jail on the felony charge.


• A homeowner on Royal Oaks Drive, checking on a commotion in his garage March 18 found a “very large and possibly aggressive” raccoon under his deck. Concerned that his dog and the raccoon would get into a battle that would not end well, the homeowner called county animal control. Following brief attempts to capture the raccoon, an officer provided advice on live trap options.


• A Shoreview teenage boy, making the mistake of visiting dating sites, was asked to send a sexually explicit photo of himself; he would then receive one in return from a girl his age. So he did, but instead of a return photo, the 15-year-old received a demand for $300 or the photo “goes viral.” Instead of sending money, the youth turned the blackmail attempt over to his father, who contacted the county’s Electronic Crimes Unit. An investigation of the attempted scam is underway.


• The 23-year-old at an Owasso Street apartment building at first appreciated the dog treats her neighbor across the hall left for her. But that soon turned into six months of requests for dates. Finding the 72-year-old way too old for her, she declined. Things got uglier as the neighbor would park behind her vehicle so she couldn’t get out and report fictitious drug- and sex-related activities she was supposedly engaged in to the sheriff’s office. An investigation continues.

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