The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:


• Deputies responded to the 3700 block of Lexington Avenue on a theft from auto report July 28. While the victim was in the gym, the driver side window was broken and a purse left on the passenger seat was stolen.

• A man was arrested for third-degree DWI in the 1000 block of County Road I July 29. His vehicle had been stopped for swerving over the lane lines and driving all over the road on Lexington Avenue. Alcohol level was 0.24.

• Investigation of abuse of a vulnerable adult in the 4100 block of Lexington Avenue is underway. A vulnerable adult’s coin purse and movies were reported stolen July 29.

• Investigation of abuse of a vulnerable adult is underway in the 5800 block of Hamline Avenue. A vulnerable adult was reportedly physically abused July 30.

• Deputies responded to the 3000 block of Lexington Avenue for a shoplifting incident July 30. Deputies stopped the suspect outside the store, recovered the merchandise and released the suspect to a parent. Charges are under consideration.

• An ATV driver was arrested in the 10 block of East Oaks Road in North Oaks July 31. The deputy ran the driver’s license and it showed it had been canceled. Driving ATVs is also a violation of city ordinance.

• A theft report was taken in the 3700 block of Lexington Avenue N. July 31. Car and house keys, cash, and a gym bag were stolen from a locker in the men’s locker room.

• Deputies conducted a traffic stop in the 600 block of County Road E Aug. 1. An adult male was subsequently arrested for probation violations.

• Deputies stopped a vehicle that was called in by citizens as being all over the road and up on sidewalks near Lexington Avenue Aug. 1. A man was arrested for second-degree DWI. Alcohol level was 0.21.

• A radio detection wand went missing from a construction site in the 1400 Block of Viewcrest Road Aug. 5.

• Burglary was reported in the 600 block of Mound Avenue Aug. 5. A motorcycle tank bag and jacket were taken from inside a garage with an open garage door sometime overnight.

• Investigation of a vulnerable adult is under investigation on North Owasso Boulevard. On Aug. 5, a vulnerable adult was punched in the left bicep. On Aug. 8, a vulnerable adult had an unexplained injury on the chin and neck.

• Investigation of abuse of a vulnerable adult is underway on Village Center Drive in North Oaks. Several bruises were found on a vulnerable adult Aug. 6 and, reportedly, force is used on the adult. On Aug. 8, a vulnerable adult had bruises on the arms that appear to be finger marks and the cause is not known. On Aug. 9, a vulnerable adult fell and was not found for a number of hours.

• Theft of a bicycle occurred in the 600 block of Tanglewood Drive Aug. 6. A lock chain was cut.

• An unlocked bicycle was stolen from a bike rack in front of Target Aug. 6 while the victim was inside shopping.

• Cash was reported missing from an envelope in the 300 block of North Owasso Boulevard Aug. 6.

• Two vehicles were reported stolen from Automotive Ventures Aug. 6. A 2002 Nissan Altima was found at about 3:30 a.m. Aug 7, crashed and abandoned at Victoria and Vivian. The vehicle was partially submerged in water with both airbags deployed. Inside was a wallet belonging to an employee of the business. Security video showed the employee taking the keys to the vehicles. He was charged with two counts of motor vehicle theft.

• A man was arrested for fourth-degree DWI in the 200 block of Snail Lake Road Aug. 8. Alcohol level was 0.09. A concerned resident reported the resident on Snail Lake Court. A deputy found him with four flat tires. He admitted to drinking.

• A domestic assault was reported in the 5900 block of Lexington Avenue Aug. 8. The alleged assault that occurred earlier in the day was referred to the city attorney for consideration of charges.

• A purse was stolen from a cubicle desk in the 1800 block of Park View Drive Aug. 9.

• A license plate theft was reported on the 4100 block of County Road F Aug. 9.

• Two adult males were arrested after a burglary on Rapp Farm Boulevard Aug. 10. They entered a garage and one of the men reached his arm inside the house. A resident pushed the arm into the garage and shut and locked the doors. The two men were caught in Vadnais Heights after hitting a vehicle.  

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