The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:


• A couple was awakened in the middle of the night July 17 by a noise that startled them. Burrowing deeper into their beds in the 200 block of Oak Hill Drive, the 42-year-old husband and his 40-year-old wife promised each other they would check it out in the morning. They did, learning that a pair of key fobs, valued at $1,000 each, had gone missing along with a wallet from inside the house. The wallet was found intact in their backyard the next day. No suspects.

• A Ham Lake driver draped over the wheel for a period of time at a station in the 3800 block of Lexington Avenue in the wee hours of July 17 was awakened by a deputy and commenced to fail field sobriety tests. The 32-year-old out of Ham Lake was booked into the Ramsey County Jail on a fourth-degree DWI charge.  

• Responding to a complaint by a 56-year-old woman regarding a male spitter in the early morning hours of July 19, deputies found the spitter gone but waited for him to return in the 600 block of Mound Avenue. He did, and the 42-year-old was booked into jail on a disorderly conduct charge. The relationship between the two was unclear. 

• A 57-year-old male resident of Viewcrest Road reported that someone had accessed his checking account between July 17 and 19, draining $482 in funds. The case remains under investigation.

• Deputies interrupted the getaway of three theft suspects at Kowalski’s Market the afternoon of July 18, pursuing their vehicle and stopping it on Highway 96. The ringleader, 48, who had a pair of felony warrants for his arrest, was charged with false information to police and booked into jail. A second man, age 26, and a woman, age 23, were issued trespass notices and released.

• It was like a bad dream to the man behind the register when a gang of thieves — approximately 10-15 juveniles — exited a party bus and entered Gas Plus in the 3400 block of Rice Street the night of July 20. Some did purchase items, but others, the complainant believes, took merchandise from the store without paying. Unknown what was stolen. Unknown suspects.

• Bike thieves were reported in the early morning hours of July 24 in the 700 block of County Road F. The 66-year-old female homeowner reported the loss of a black-and-gold Easton BMX bike valued at $300, one additional bike not described and a black leather “motorcycle bag” from a garage.

• Only the person with the flashlight outside the window in the 1200 block of Sunview Court at 9:38 p.m. July 25, now gone, knows the reason why they were there.

• Two men entered a liquor store around mid-day July 25, one picked up a bottle of Patron, a high-end tequila priced at $44, and both made tracks. No suspects.

• A trolling motor and a pair of batteries — unknown total value — were stolen from inside a boat parked in a carport and reported July 25 in the 700 block of County Road F. No suspects.

• A vehicle was pulled over at Highway 96 and Mackubin Street the night of July 27 and the driver, a 61-year-old St. Paul man, was booked into the Ramsey County Jail with a more than twice the blood-alcohol content limit. He was also charged with fourth-degree DWI, driving after license revocation and open bottle. 

• A lane-changer in the 4600 block of Lexington Avenue who failed to signal also aroused suspicion in the pre-dawn hours of July 29 by driving below the posted speed limit. The 60-year-old St. Anthony man went on to fail field sobriety tests and was quickly on his way to jail on a fourth-degree DWI charge. 

• A prowler rummaged through items in an unlocked, detached garage overnight July 30 in the 4100 block of Sylvia Lane. Only a red and black Shop-Vac of unknown value went missing. An investigation continues.

• On the same night July 30, possibly the same prowler entered an unlocked home in the same block of Sylvia Lane, making off with two laptops, an Apple watch, an iPhone, a DSLR camera and lenses, and several credit cards. The total value of the loss was in excess of $4,000. Lock your doors, folks. An investigation is underway. 

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