The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:


North Oaks

• A South Long Lake Trail resident was surprised when he opened his VISA bill Oct. 5 and learned he owed $4,980 to an auto service company in Florida. The man, who said he hadn’t been to Florida in some time, is not responsible for the bill, but someone is. An investigation is underway.

• A table was broken at Bruegger’s Bagels in Village Center Oct. 12 after a group of “disruptive, mostly female” students from Chippewa Middle School was involved. Fingers were pointed at two of the girls who were closest to the action. No money has changed hands at this point and the value of the “unintentional” damage is unknown.

• A 2007 Chevy Tahoe that had been driven illegally on a walking path a block from South Long Lake Trail was found mired in the mud the afternoon of Oct. 15. No tags were issued.



• A Burnsville man left his wallet on a workout bench at a fitness studio Oct. 3. It was stolen, but the 24-year-old didn’t report the theft until a week later. That gave the thief enough time to show the victim’s ID, use an ATM, and withdraw $1,000. When he tried it again on Oct. 10, he was told to come into the bank. An investigation continues.

• Wheeling a cart filled with $136 worth of merchandise she had not paid for out of the door at Target in the 3800 block of Lexington Avenue on Oct. 5, the 38-year-old woman was cited for shoplifting and released.

• An auto parts thief made off with a set of four hubcaps that had fit nicely on the 2015 Nissan when the 31-year-old New Hope woman arrived at work the morning of Oct. 5 at an office building in the 3400 block of Lexington Avenue. No suspects.

• Receiving a tip from a Ramsey County Child Protection worker on the whereabouts of a fugitive wanted for a felony probation violation in Isanti County, the 39-year-old man was discovered the afternoon of Oct. 6 at the Shoreview library.

• Homeowners on Royal Oaks Drive heard a commotion about 10:30 p.m. Oct. 7 and found an intoxicated man with no shoes wandering around, screaming obscenities and damaging their mailbox. They called 911 and the 50-year-old man, who lives about a block away, was arrested on a charge of gross-misdemeanor property damage and transported to the Ramsey County Jail.

• Not able to reach their son in the 3500 block of Owasso Street for several days, parents asked deputies for a welfare check. The 32-year-old was found dead of a gunshot wound at home on Oct. 9. No foul play is suspected.

• Senior Owasso Street residents received a “thank you” letter from Discover Card Oct. 10 thanking them for selecting their PIN number and the opening activity of three charges, each for just under $500. The couple had not applied for a Discover Card and the credit card company is now hot on the trail of the thieves.

• Heavy unauthorized activity on a debit card was reported by a 38-year-old female victim Oct. 10. Five transactions amounting to $1,900 were made over a three-day period at ATM machines. An investigation continues.

• A pair of male juveniles playing hooky from Reach Academy around midday Oct. 10 made off with the tip jars from nearby Marianne’s Restaurant and Pizza Hut. The juveniles, ages and hometowns not released, were collared and owned up to the $18 total theft.

• A 34-year-old woman wanted the boyfriend gone from her Rice Street apartment around midnight Oct. 11 but the 34-year-old intoxicated man wouldn’t leave. Deputies arrived and took the man to a nearby hotel, but he scooted out the backdoor and returned to the scene. This time, the slippery fellow was checked into county detox.

• A box containing ammunition for a .223 caliber rifle and valued at $210 was delivered to the front steps of a building in the 3500 block of Owasso Street by UPS the afternoon of Oct. 11. A thief picked it up.

• A thief who was late for lunch made off with a Verizon Droid cell phone and a Coleman lunchbox the afternoon of Oct. 12 at a construction site in the 100 block of County Road E. The value of the phone and empty lunchbox was estimated at $245.

• Windows were smashed in two vehicles around midday Oct. 12 at the Rice Creek Dog Park. A 38-year-old Fridley woman reported the loss of her purse containing $60 in cash, credit cards and her driver’s license. Just minutes later, a 27-year-old Blaine woman’s purse which had been under a blanket on the front seat was taken from her vehicle. Her loss amounted to $120 in cash and credit cards.

• A woman on Rice Creek Parkway reported receiving 48 phone calls, apparently from the same harasser, before midnight Oct. 12. A deputy sheriff was at the residence when the last call for that night came through. She told the caller who she was and that ended the harasser’s efforts for the night. The man has called before from a number traced to Illinois and also sends emails. An investigation continues.

• Two 16-year-old attendees of Reach Academy, genders and hometowns not released as required by the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, owned up to possession of a e-cigarette at the school the morning of Oct. 12, one teen pointing out to the School Resource Officer that the e-cig contained marijuana. The item in question was confiscated, parents were notified and an investigation is underway.

• A gas line under a church van was “intentionally severed” and reported Oct. 13 in the lot behind a Lutheran church in the 3900 block of Victoria Street, according to a county deputy who inspected the damage. No suspects.

• A 2016 Polaris Sportsman 110 ATV secured to a trailer in a storage area at a mobile park in the 1600 block of Knight Street went missing overnight Oct. 13 after a hole was found cut in a fence. The nearly-new ATV was valued at $2,800.

• A thief pulled off a fill-and-flee in the predawn hours of Oct. 15 at an Exxon station in the 3800 block of Lexington Avenue, driving off in a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer with a full tank of petrol valued at $58.50. An investigation is underway.

• Multiple thefts occurred the afternoon of Oct. 15 at the Shoreview Community Center locker rooms. A 47-year-old placed his duffel bag in a locker but as he left the room, he felt something “was not right.” He came back and found the locker unlocked and his duffle bag gone along with $25, his cell phone and his driver’s license. A little later, a 33-year-old woman found her locker broken into and her wallet containing $100 in cash and credit cards gone. The cards were quickly used to buy gift cards at nearby McDonald’s and Burger King. More thefts of juvenile clothing and another cell phone were quickly reported that afternoon, five break-ins in all. An investigation continues.

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