The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

North Oaks

• A deputy on Gilfillan Road noticed on Dec. 27 that the car behind him was rolling on three tires and a flat. He stopped the driver who turned out to be revoked. In a search prior to vehicle impoundment, the 38-year-old Vadnais Heights woman was found to have three syringes in her hand. “They contain meth,” she told the deputy. The suspect was booked into jail on a felony controlled substance violation. Her vehicle was impounded.

• An 86-year old senior grabbed an 84-year-old senior’s cane Jan. 7 and whacked him in the head in the lunchroom at an assisted living facility in the 300 block of Village Center Drive. Staff at the memory care facility tried to keep the two men apart because they are “constantly bickering at each other,” according to a police report. A fifth-degree assault charge is pending against the older senior depending on the results of a concussion protocol.

• A Bent Tree Lane resident received a letter Jan. 7 demanding payment to a Bitcoin account he knew nothing about. The letter threatened to reveal “secret information” about the man’s family and finances unless he came up with $3,200.This is a scam going around the country and, in this case, the lazy scammer used a form letter with no changes regarding the wording or dollar amount. The would-be victim turned the information over to IC3 — the Internet Crimes Complaint Center.


• A deputy stopped a vehicle on Lexington Avenue Dec. 28 with a partially snow-covered plate and found that the driver was revoked. Further checking revealed that the driver was wanted on a Hennepin County warrant for his arrest. After showing signs of alcohol use, the driver was asked to take a breath test. Refusing that, the Roseville man was booked into jail on a second-degree DWI test refusal charge.

• A Roseville man visited the YMCA on Lexington Avenue the evening of Dec. 30, leaving his belongings, including his wallet, in an unlocked locker. A pair of juveniles were soon on their way to dinner with the wallet at a nearby fast-food outlet. The food, $17 worth, was charged to the victim’s credit card and the pair of suspects were nabbed as they returned with the wallet to the Y. A prosecutor is holding discussions with the youth’s parents who are lobbying for diversion or community service.

• A wallet containing two ten-dollar bills and two $10 gift cards was stolen from an 11-year-old when he wasn’t paying attention the afternoon of Dec. 30 at the Shoreview Community Center.

• Words exchanged at a bar on New Year’s Day led to the 23-year-old man choking his 32-year-old girlfriend of two months. At home on Wilshire Circle, the suspect choked her again, this time in front of a witness. She called 911 and he took off heading east toward area hotels. The suspect was soon found by a K9 partner hiding in a utility closet and booked into jail on a felony domestic assault by strangulation charge.

• A woman was assaulted by her husband the morning of New Year’s Day on Rustic Place after the 31-year-old went to a wedding the day before and he didn’t like it. After he busted a crockpot, ended the useful life of a TV and smashed his guitar against the refrigerator, the 40-year-old was jailed on charges of domestic assault by strangulation and 911 call interference.

• Deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault Jan. 2 in the 1500 block of Hall Street but no one was on the scene. The victim, a 35-year-old local woman was located in Lino Lakes. The 37-year-old suspect, from Shoreview and wanted on felony warrants, is now looking at new charges for drug and no-contact related issues. Deputies soon found the suspect at the Ramsey County Jail where he had turned himself in.

• A drunk passed out and fell into a snowbank the evening of Jan. 3 at Lexington Avenue and County Road F. The 51-year-old, who was deemed by deputies to be too drunk to go to jail — he was wanted on a gross-misdemeanor warrant for his arrest for fourth-degree assault — and instead was transported to the county detox facility, better equipped to deal with a person in his condition.

• A seller took a closer look at the three $100s and the $50 dollar bill he received in exchange for his gaming computer he offered on the Letgo app Jan. 3. Sure enough they looked fake. He turned the funny money over to the U.S. Secret Service.

• A credit card from a wallet stolen in Blaine was used at the Lexington Avenue Target store to purchase gift cards worth $300 the morning of Jan. 4, along with a package of King’s Hawaiian Bread by a man wearing jeans and a purple hat.

• A 30-year-old St. Paul man is in jail after a deputy on patrol ran his plate and pulled him over in the wee hours of Jan. 4 at Rice Street and Gramsie Road. The man was wanted on felony warrants for domestic assault and possession of a controlled substance. Adding to the troubles was a quantity of meth found on board.

• Deputies got wind of a man passed out behind the wheel near midnight Jan. 5 in the 700 block of Larson Lane. The 60-year-old Champlin man’s BAC tested in excess of 0.16 percent, double the legal limit. He also had a record of three prior DWI-related convictions in the past ten years, enough to warrant a charge of first-degree felony DWI. Both the man and his 2005 Audi A4 were impounded.

• A Brooklyn Center man spit in his wife’s face then physically assaulted her Jan. 6 as she was bringing in the groceries. The 32-year-old local woman called 911 but the 33-year-old was gone when deputies arrived. Two days later the suspect, with a history of domestic related offenses, was back and throwing things at the mother of their child, but again managed to avoid arrest. Deputies are looking for him.

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