The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:

North Oaks 

• A Buffalo Road man inadvertently left his vehicle unlocked in his driveway overnight March 18 and an opportunistic prowler, using his door opener, rummaged through his garage. Top of mind for the 62-year-old homeowner was shoveling snow, not blowing leaves, and he didn’t notice his nearly-new Stihl backpack leafblower missing. On April 7 with no snow but a yard full of leaves, he realized the $500 machine was gone.

• A W2 form, missing with dozens of others from a 54-year-old North Oaks woman’s workplace since January, finally appeared on April 10. It turned up on a fake tax return filed by a scammer. An investigation continues.

• Food was delivered to an address on Goldfinch Lane the afternoon of April 12 and left on the front steps. When the homeowner looked for the delivery a couple of hours later, the package, valued at $60, was gone.

• Tolerant management of a restaurant in the 800 block of Village Center Drive had had enough of the solicitor asking customers for money, which was occurring about three times a week. Authorities were called April 17 and the 55-year-old Shoreview man was arrested for trespassing.



• A man bit down on a Three Musketeers candy bar he bought the afternoon of April 4 at a Lexington Avenue convenience store and thought he crunched onto some broken glass. The 44-year-old local went to Regions Hospital for examination and contacted the sheriff’s office for a case number for possible litigation. Results of the exam were inconclusive.

• After making its way into a fireplace chimney on the 4000 block of Brigadoon Drive on April 5, a duck became lodged in the brickwork. A company that deals with wildlife matters was contacted, but the future doesn’t bode well for the stuck duck.

• A partially submerged 2004 Dodge Ram pickup was pulled out of Snail Lake at 6:30 a.m. April 6. The truck was recovered about 30 feet from the boat launch. An investigation continues.

• Fists flew the evening of April 7 between teen boys outside the Shoreview Community Center. A 15-year-old was accused of belittling the 16-year-old’s sister. The older boy is facing a pending charge of third-degree felony assault after breaking the younger boy’s nose. The city attorney’s office is investigating. 

• A check writer who was not very good at his craft attempted to cash a $600 check at US Bank on Highway 96 the morning of April 8. That didn’t work, and the 23-year-old Richfield suspect fled the scene without the check or a photocopy of his driver’s license the teller had made. Employees at another US Bank branch who were made aware of the attempt contacted police in Blaine when our bad check artist tried it there. The suspect is in the custody of the Blaine Police Department.

• A 28-year-old woman, in and out of her lane willy-nilly, was arrested in the wee hours of April 8 at northbound I-35W and County Road J and charged with fourth-degree DWI. She was booked into the Ramsey County Jail.

• When you leave employment at some companies, you undergo what’s called an “exit interview,” helping all involved to learn from your experience. In the case of one such interview held the afternoon of April 10 at a medical supply firm on Rice Creek Parkway, the 57-year-old St. Paul woman exiting the firm slammed a 45-year-old woman into a wall and choked a 28-year-old woman who was then treated for injuries. Misdemeanor assault charges against the ex-employee are pending review by the city attorney.

• A local senior was threatened April 10 by a phone scammer purported to be with the IRS who said she needed to “pay up today” or be arrested. Keeping her on the phone all the while, he convinced the woman to buy prepaid cards at Wal-Mart with $4,500 she had just withdrawn from her bank and to give him the numbers. The woman later became suspicious and called 911, but by then her money was gone.

• A young wild turkey, known as a “jake,” took over the Oak Hill Montessori School playground in the 4600 block of Hodgson Road the morning of April 11, flying at youngsters and refusing to leave them alone. Jakes are known for being not too bright but one thing this jake had going for itself is that wild turkeys are protected birds. After dealing with the stuck duck on Brigadoon Drive, wildlife removal personnel will be by to remove the jake.

• Teen boys traded knuckle sandwiches the evening of April 11 outside the Shoreview Community Center over a portable speaker an Arden Hills 15-year-old thought a St. Francis 15-year-old had stolen. An investigation is underway. 

• A couple, probably in their 20’s, stiffed their server to the tune of $60 at a restaurant in the 1000 block of Gramsie Road just after midnight the evening of April 11 by heading for the door without paying their bill. No word on the tip.

• A home on Erik Lane was egged overnight April 13; swastikas were drawn on the driveway and male genitalia likenesses were painted on the front lawn. Bullies in the area are suspected.

• More vandalism was discovered hours later in the 3500 block of Tiffany Lane, also incorporating swastikas, male genitalia and eggs. Both incidents remain under investigation.

• Ongoing issues between neighboring tenants of an apartment building in the 3300 block of Kent Street brought deputies to the scene the night of April 17. One intoxicated neighbor, a 48-year-old woman, became verbally aggressive with the deputies but refused to offer details concerning the issue. “Talk to my lawyer, ” she said. The other tenant, a 54-year-old man, refused to discuss the issues at all. Meanwhile, residents from down the hall joined the verbal fray. Finding no laws broken, deputies left the unpleasantness behind to a chorus of profanities.

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