The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incidents:


North Oaks

• A couple on Peterson Place was awakened in the predawn hours of Nov. 1 by their barking dog. By the time they checked to see what the ruckus was about, they noticed their unlocked silver Primo utility trailer, valued at $2,700, was gone. 

• A speeder was pulled over on Nov. 2 on West Pleasant Lake Road. The 31-year-old Burnsville man, who showed signs of impairment, did not do well on field sobriety tests. The man, who had a previous DWI conviction, was booked into the Ramsey County jail on a pending DWI charge and a charge of providing false information to police. His vehicle was impounded for possible forfeiture.

• Deputies responded to a report of criminal damage to property Nov. 10 at the North Oaks Golf Club where the branches on nine pine trees were cut over the weekend, opening “a clear path to the third green,” one observer commented. No monetary damage.


• When a woman with a pierced lip and bright red hair attempted to cash a check for $680 at a bank in the 5900 block of Rice Creek Parkway Nov. 2, it got employees’ attention. They called the account holders, a Minnetonka couple, who said blank checks had been stolen from their mailbox. Meanwhile, the red-haired forger fled the scene without her driver’s license. A pick-up-and-hold was issued and the woman, no longer with red hair — although she still had the pierced lip — was picked up by Blaine Police. The 30-year-old was jailed on a pending felony charge of presenting a stolen check. 

• Someone reported five dogs apparently living at a single address in the 170th block of Demar Avenue on Nov. 3. An arriving animal control officer was greeted by the 76-year-old male resident who said, “I should never have answered the door.” The man was cited for excess dogs, and an unlicensed dog.

• A Pinewood Drive resident put a mortgage payment in his curbside box the afternoon of Nov. 3, raising the red flag. A mail thief then went to the bank and attempted to open an account with the check, immediately withdrawing all but $5. That raised bank employees’ eyebrows and the account was frozen. An investigation is underway. 

• A 2004 Ford Taurus left running outside a Mexican fast food restaurant in the 1000 block of Red Fox Road the afternoon of Nov. 4 by a 20-year-old Arden HIlls man was reported stolen. The vehicle was recovered hours later in St. Paul.

• A man who purchased a PlayStation 3 system along with a variety of games for $50 through the app “Offer Up,” returned to the scene of the purchase in the 5600 block of Hodgson Road the evening of Nov. 5, claiming it didn’t work and yelling to a buddy, “Bring the weapons!” He then forced his way into the home, frightening the 21-year-old female who sold him the game. The 19-year-old fired off several shots, then returned to his van and took the PS3 and games and threw them out the window before leaving. He didn’t get far before he was pulled over and arrested. The St. Paul man was found with a live round of ammunition but no firearm. He was jailed on pending first-degree charges of burglary and issuing terroristic threats.

• A 48-year-old White Bear Lake woman who abandoned her 2003 GM Envoy the afternoon of Nov. 7 in the driving lane of Lexington Avenue at Highway 96 was mailed a citation for creating a dangerous condition.

• A man stopped for speeding the afternoon of Nov. 7 at Hodgson Road and Virginia Avenue did not do well on field sobriety tests. The 51-year-old St. Paul man, who was clocked driving 58 mph in a 45-mph zone, was charged with second-degree DWI based on a previous conviction. He was booked into jail and his vehicle was impounded. 

• The back window of 2018 Subaru Outback parked in the lot of a restaurant on Gramsie Road was shattered the evening of Nov.10 and a duffle bag containing hockey gear was taken. The gear was valued at $1,000, according to a Roseville mom. 

• A woman celebrating her 52nd birthday Nov. 11 at a bar met a couple out on the town and the three celebrated before heading to the couple’s residence, where the birthday girl decided to spend the night. Several hours later and needing to use the bathroom, the 52-year-old attempted to pull open the guest room door and off came the knob. Trapped and unable to awaken anyone by pounding on the door, she called 911.

• A neighbor in the apartment building in the 3500 block of Owasso Street called 911 just after midnight Nov. 12 about a noisy couple down the hall who apparently failed to resolve their differences. Deputies, who termed the pair “very uncooperative,” were unable to find who instigated the squabble and arrested both of the 34-year-olds on charges of domestic assault and obstructing the legal process. Both parties were booked into the county jail.

• A woman in the 3200 block of Woodbridge Street reported on Nov. 14 that her purse had been stolen from her house “sometime in the past two weeks.” Her purse contained her wedding and engagement rings, “worth a total of $30,000,” she told deputies. The victim also said there were “many people with access to the home.” An investigation continues. 

• A manager at a hotel in the area of Rice Creek Parkway reported that a clerk, while checking in a guest, wrote the guest’s credit card number on a Post-It Note and put it in her pocket. The manager said he thought the authorities would like to know. An investigation is underway. 

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