When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them I am a mom and a journalist. Being a parent is the hardest job I’ll ever have, but also so rewarding at the same time. Being a journalist in today’s world can be tough at times because of social media and the “public journalists” who write their opinions as facts. That’s how rumors can start and also can end up in a Facebook war on the subject. I know people who have gone to “Facebook jail” for their postings on Facebook. Don’t worry, these people I know were only in jail for 30 days or so and were allowed to begin posting their thoughts once again, hopefully with a lesson learned.

Being a reporter for a community newspaper is a privilege. The paper is for our readers to learn about their own specific community and what is going on around them. When you open our papers, you can see what’s going on in your schools, what crimes are being committed in your city, and maybe meet an outstanding volunteer or person who is making a difference in the community.

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