Overnight Aug. 1-2, a home and a restaurant were burglarized in Shoreview. Police caught a suspect in St. Paul and have charged him in connection with both burglaries.

Miguel Huerta, 45, of St. Paul, was charged with first-degree felony burglary and felony theft of a motor vehicle in Ramsey County District Court this month. Law enforcement traced Huerta after he allegedly stole items from a house in the 200 block of Jansa Drive about 10:30 p.m. Aug. 1 and a restaurant in the 3900 block of Rice Street 12:30 a.m. Aug 2.

The resident on Jansa Drive reported she had unlocked her front door because her husband was coming home soon, according to court documents. She went in her bedroom. A man she didn’t know then opened her bedroom door, sounded surprised and then closed it. Deputies found a backpack in the yard containing an ID card of a possible suspect.

The man was wearing a sleeveless orange shirt, the resident noted. Two neighbors had captured video of the suspect wearing a sleeveless shirt. In one, he was riding a bicycle, which was apparently found in a nearby yard.

The resident later noticed a lower level screen had been opened and likely entered. She also noticed jewelry and a gym bag missing.

About two hours later, dispatch received a call of a burglary at a restaurant on Rice Street. It was about a mile south of the home on Jansa Drive. A worker said someone broke through a screen door while he was sleeping. He had propped open the outside door for air flow. His wallet, phone and keys were missing. When he went outside, he saw his 2000 gold Lexus had been stolen.

St. Paul Police found the vehicle after Huerta rolled through a stop sign near Edgerton Street and Rose Avenue. He had an orange sleeveless shirt. Jewelry and a gym bag were found in the vehicle. Credit cards belonging to several people were found. Huerta eventually admitted to entering the house on Jansa Avenue and taking jewelry. He said he walked down Rice Street but denied stealing a vehicle.

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