Shoreview takes green step

Shoreview’s Natural Resources Coordinator Ellen Brenna, left, and Councilwoman Sue Denkinger accept the Step 5 City Award at the League of Minnesota Cities annual conference on June 27.

The League of Minnesota Cities presented the city of Shoreview with the 2019 Sustainable City Award at the League’s annual conference in Duluth on June 27.

The city was honored for its “Water Consumption and Groundwater Awareness Project.” Shoreview was also named a Step 5 city in the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program at the conference.

“This award is a great achievement for Shoreview,” said Mayor Sandy Martin. “And by being part of the program, Shoreview and our peers are helping to make Minnesota more resilient for the future while also helping our cities thrive economically.”

Shoreview’s “Water Consumption and Groundwater Awareness Project” was launched to test a shared community conservation portal that could lead to reduced water use. Through a partnership with WaterSmart Services, Shoreview residents can view their water use and compare their water use to similar households in the community. During the testing stage, more than 8 million gallons of water were saved by residents using the WaterSmart portal.

The project incorporates several GreenStep Cities best practices, including development of an efficient water system, sustainable water consumption and adapting to changes in climate/community resilience. Shoreview achieved Step 4 again in 2019, advancing to become a Step 5 city in the Green Step Cities program. The Sustainable City Award is presented annually to recognize sustainability efforts by a city among those participating in the Minnesota GreenStep.

“This recognition shows community members and other cities across Minnesota that the city of Shoreview is taking great steps in the direction of energy and resource conservation and innovation,” shared Ellen Brenna, the city’s natural resources coordinator and GreenStep program lead.

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a challenge, assistance and recognition program. As one of 127 participating cities and tribal nations, the city of Shoreview is helping to lead the way in sustainability across the state of Minnesota. Shoreview has worked to implement best practices to fulfill its sustainability goals. Actions that are taken within the program focus on cost savings, energy use reduction, resource conservation and the encouragement of civic innovation. You can learn more about Shoreview’s efforts at



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