Shoreview launches new look

The new logo for the city of Shoreview incorporates the trees and water of the old logo in a more modern form.

The city of Shoreview takes great pride in its reputation as a welcoming and vibrant community set within a natural landscape. Now, the city has a new look to match.

The City Council accepted and rolled out a new city logo and brand at its Oct. 7 meeting. The logo, designed by Peters Design Company, represents the natural landscape within the city featuring trees and water. While the new logo has a modern design, it has a timeless quality that was influenced by the city’s previous looks. It can also be used across a number of design platforms.

“We are excited to reveal the refreshed look for the city as we get ready to move into a new decade,” said Mayor Sandy Martin. “The new brand will improve the city’s visibility and allow us to effectively communicate with our residents and visitors.”

The updated look is part of the city’s strategic communication plan, approved earlier this year. Through the new logo design, the city will be able to clearly and consistently promote Shoreview as a great place to live, work and play, both now and into the future. Additionally, the new brand will make it easier for staff to develop effective communications across all city departments.

The city will be rolling out the new logo in multiple phases. The first phase will take place immediately and includes the city’s print and digital media such as the ShoreViews newsletter, website and social media. In 2020, residents will begin to see the new logo on uniforms and marketing materials. Larger items such as water towers, park signs, street signs, and vehicles will be updated as part of future maintenance or replacement.



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