At the last Shoreview City Council meeting, Shoreview resident Allison Ratwik expressed concerns about the COVID-19 Delta variant during the public forum.

She asked the council to implement indoor masking within the city's boundaries “until there is a decrease in cases and we're no longer a high risk for community spread,” she said.

Another Shoreview resident, Cindy Quarfoth, made the same request to the mayor and council. She commented that it is clear that the City Council cares about the city's youth by previous actions the council has taken, including banning flavored tobacco products in the city, and installation of the skate park and the destination playground. She urged the council to follow its core value, which states, “They will provide facilities that enhance the health and wellness of residents of all ages.”

Mayor Sandy Martin said council members don’t usually respond to citizens’ comments until they have spoken to staff about the comments received during the meeting. However, she addressed the concerns expressed by Quarfoth and Ratwick at the meeting Aug. 16 and said the city will follow the state's mandates when they are issued.

“On a personal level, I agree with everything that you're saying,” Martin said. “I also worry about young people who are not able to be vaccinated. We're trying to protect the young people in our community as much as we can.”

City Manager Terry Schwerm said they closely monitor what other cities are doing that have populations similar to Shoreview's. Since COVID-19 began, the city has followed the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and will continue to adhere to state mandates.  


Other council actions:

• Martin said the city's cleanup day will be from 9 a.m. to noon Oct. 9 at McCullough Park in Shoreview. She noted that it will be for Shoreview residents only.

• Council Member Emy Johnson noted that the next time the council meets in September, people will be going back to school. She said there has been a lot of speeding in the city. “Families are preparing for the school year, and I think that's a wonderful time in our community. As we think about safety and kids returning to the school bus, there's been a lot of communication from the Department of Transportation on speed and accidents and things that are happening quite frequently these days,” she said. “Just a reminder to drive the speed limit and be safe.”

•Council Member Cory Springhorn said nominations for the Caring Youth Award, sponsored by the Shoreview Human Rights Commission, are being accepted until Sept. 17. “Any students who have engaged in efforts towards anti-bullying, arts and creativity, community involvement, courage, diversity awareness and the environment, we are looking for nominations for that award.” People can get the form on the city website at insert website here.

•Citizen of the Year Award nominations will be accepted until Oct. 8.

•Council Member Sue Denkinger wanted residents to know that this is the final year of a water conservation grant from the Met Council that covers up to 75% of the cost of a new smart irrigation controller. “There have been nearly $9,500 in rebates awarded, and the grant runs through the end of this year,” Denkinger said.  “Statistics shared by the public utilities department show that 76 of these controllers have been saving 1.2 million gallons of water a year. It's an opportunity to save money and to od something for the environment.”

•Denkinger also said that the Friendship Garden at the Shoreview Commons is anticipated to be finished around Sept. 22. “The work being done at the Shoreview Commons is coming along. The beginning of the playground equipment is being installed on the hillside, which is really exciting to see,” she said.

•Residents have until Sept. 6 (Labor Day) to provide feedback on the Park Master Plan update at  the city's website at


The next Shoreview City Council meeting is at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 7, in council chambers at City Hall, 4600 Victoria St. N., in Shoreview.


Noelle Olson is a staff writer for Press Publications. She can be reached at or 651-407-1229.


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