After more than 30 years in Shoreview, Deluxe Corporation is leaving the city.

The Fortune 1000 company announced plans to relocate its headquarters to downtown Minneapolis in fall 2021 after construction of its new facility is complete.

President and CEO Barry McCarthy said that the move follows the company’s growth from check printing to a wider array of small business financial services.

“As we have transformed into a Trusted Business Solutions company the last two years, we explored all options across the country for our future headquarters, including Shoreview,” McCarthy said. “The Minneapolis location gives us the best opportunity to grow as a company and continue to attract new talent in a downtown location.”

Mayor Sandy Martin said in a statement that the city was disappointed by Deluxe’s move from Shoreview.

“Deluxe and Shoreview have shared a unique and close bond over the years, first when the company moved to our community as Deluxe Check Printers, and later when we financially assisted with their acquisition and development of the current headquarters campus,” Martin said. “The city was again prepared to partner with Deluxe by offering our full support and strong commitment to providing financial incentives to facilitate reinvestment and growth at their Shoreview campus. Unfortunately, their leadership and board of directors have decided the company’s future is best suited elsewhere.”

A developer has bought the Shoreview campus, located at 3680 N. Victoria St., which Deluxe will lease back for the next year, according to McCarthy. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, most employees are working from home.

“The build-out portion of our downtown Minneapolis location will take a year, so Deluxe will be leasing portions of our space in Shoreview for the next year before officially moving out,” McCarthy said. “We are excited for our future and grateful for the support of the Shoreview community throughout the years.”

The company also plans to create a new financial services center outside of Atlanta in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

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