Shoreview Economic Development Coordinator Niki Hill approached the Shoreview City Council with a request to approved the planned unit development (PUD) development stage application for the Edison Phase 3 residential project during the July 19 Shoreview City Council meeting.

The current PUD was approved in April 2018; this application is an amendment proposing to change the zoning of Lot 4 from commercial to residential. The property is located in the Rice Creek Watershed District.

Hill said the applicant, KJPL, is pleased with the leasing and high demand with the first phase of its apartment and townhome development. Approximately 90% of the units have been leased. The developer immediately moved ahead with the second phase, which is currently under construction. Phase 3 would include 30 townhomes and three carriage home units.

“Lot 4 was originally planned for future commercial development, and KJPL feels that the retail market is weak, especially coming out of the pandemic, and that the site was not ideal for commercial uses given the existence of the interchanges,” Hill said. “Additional housing opportunities is more beneficial to the community.”

According to Hill, the proposed amendment needs to satisfy certain objectives in order to be approved through the PUD process. Objectives met by this proposal include high-quality building design, updated stormwater management, housing choice and land use compatibility.

“A traffic study was completed as part of the original PUD. The city reviewed the traffic impact study and found it to be complete as far as estimating the impacts of the development. The analysis also accounted for background traffic and growth in the area attributed to the build-out of the TCAAP property in Arden Hills. Based on this analysis, the change in development will not require any changes to existing traffic control scenarios for Rice Creek Parkway,” Hill said.

Hill explained that property owners within 350 feet of the development and relevant agencies were notified of the request, and no comments were received. City Engineer Tom Wesolowski said the city applied for a permit through the watershed district and are in the process of updating the stormwater plan. Rice Creek Watershed District representatives report that the district has received the developer's stormwater management and erosion control plans and will be reviewing them at the upcoming district board meeting. 

Mayor Sandy Martin asked whether affordable housing was discussed regarding the new townhome units.

“We have been in talks with KPJL about bringing additional affordable units because we have 18 existing units in the first two phases, and we are looking at adding four additional units with this phase,” Hill said.

Tom Simonson  assistant city manager and community development director noted that affordable housing is not a part of the PUD application.

“This will be a separate process through the EDA. There's a tax abatement process we have to follow as well,” Simonson said. “We have a really good relationship with KPJL, and they've agreed to do additional affordable housing units.”

Martin asked if the applicant wanted to comment, and Elwyn Tinklenberg told the council that KJPL is delighted to be in Shoreview and that the townhomes have been extremely popular. He also added that they have a great relationship with the townhome association and said “we want to be a good neighbor.”

“It's great that you've been able to pivot based on the market demands,” said Martin, “and we know that people want to live in Shoreview and they are having a terrible time finding houses. When one does become available, it's purchased within 30 minutes or an hour. This is meeting another housing need and another opportunity for people to be in the school district and to be Shoreview residents,” Martin said. “It's a very quality development, and I'm pleased that you're adding on and investing back in Shoreview.”

After the presentation, the City Council unanimously approved the PUD development stage application for the Edison Phase 3 residential project.


Other council actions

• The council recognized Doug Setley, Shoreview's long-serving cable technician. Setley retired in June 2020 after working for the city since May 2003. “It was a long run and a lot of fun. I want to thank you all for everything you taught me. I've learned a lot about government,” Setley said. “If it wasn't for the COVID, I'd probably still be sitting back there in the booth. It was an honor to work with you all.”

• Addie Vint and Josie DeRosa approached the council during citizen comments with a petition to have the lights on the skate park stay on until 11:30 p.m. with a warning light five minutes before the lights are shut off. Currently, the lights stay on until 9:45 p.m., and DeRosa said it can be dangerous if a skater is attempting a risky trick in the dark. She also said some people are busy during the day and like to use the skateboard park at night. Martin said she would take the petition to the Park and Recreation Commission.

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