Mounds View Public School's levy, which will provide $12 million of additional revenue, passed by district voters.

60.81%, or 8,820, voted yes and 39.19%, or 5,684, voted no.

The referendum will increase the amount of funding per student. The levy will specifically enable the district to address mental health concerns and school security. The referendum would also enable the district to expand its career pathways programs and bolster its general fund.

The school currently has two operating referendums that total $835 per student. One will expire after taxes payable 2019 and one after 2022, said Carole Nielsen, executive director of administrative services. The expiring one is $535 and the one that expires in 2022 is $300.

The new levy includes a renewal of the $535 referendum, revocation of the $300 levy expiring in 2022 and replacement with $1,200 in additional funding per student. The total amount per student will be $1,735, a $900 increase from the current levies in place. It would begin in 2020, last for 10 years and have an inflationary increase allowed. The tax impact will be $28 per month for a median-valued home of $275,000.

It had been 13 years since the district asked for additional resources in a levy referendum, according to Board Chair Jonathan Weinhagen.

Board members elected

Four board members were also elected this year. Votes were as follows:

Heidi Danielson: 23.59%; 8,529 votes

Sandra Westerman: 22.92%; 8,288 votes

Jonathan Weinhagen: 20.26%; 7,324 votes

James J. DeMay: 17.77%; 6,424 votes

Derek Whitcomb: 14.40%; 5,208 votes

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