Levi Falck started his college sports career as a baseball recruit at the University of South Dakota (USD) and will finish as a football player in the Big Ten at the University of Nebraska.

The 2016 Centennial graduate switched to football at USD, played three seasons as wide receiver, and graduated early, which gave him the opportunity to play one more season at another school as a graduate transfer.

Falck, a kinesiology and sports science major, tweeted he was "excited for the opportunity to play another season of football at the University of Nebraska."

Falck, 6-2 and 205 pounds, had a solid sophomore year for USD with 45 catches for 492 yards and two touchdowns. One game in particular stood out. He caught 11 passes for 140 yards in the opener against Kansas State while covered by cornerback Duke Shelley, who was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the sixth round.

“Knowing that I could go up against those kinds of guys and make plays gave me the confidence,” Falck said in an interview with the Husker, a Nebraska website. “After that game, I was like, ‘Alright, if I graduate early, it’s always been my dream to play at a big school and I know I want to do well there, too. I don’t want to just go there.’ Knowing I could go against an NFL Draft pick and put up 11 catches on him, I knew I could do it if I kept working.”

His junior year, last fall, Falck suffered a broken bone in his hand and was limited to six games, making nine catches for 85 yards. Still, Nebraska recruiter Trent Mossbrucker saw some film on Falck and asked him to join the Cornhuskers as a walk-on. The Husker article said Iowa State had also shown interest.

At Centennial, Falck hit .510 with 25 stolen bases as a senior in baseball and signed with USD. He was also a dominant wide receiver in football, said Cougar coach Mike Diggins.

When the USD baseball coach who signed Falck left, the freshman switched to football as a walk-on. In three games as a freshman, he caught 16 passes for 197 yards, and became a starter as a sophomore.

Nebraska, coached by Scott Frost, had a 5-7 record last year, 3-6 in the Big Ten.

“I’m confident I’ll get down there and show them what I can do,” Falck told the Husker, “and then we have to wait and see what happens.”

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