The Lino Lakes Public Safety Department reported the following incidents:

• An officer took a phone call fraud report from a business in the 8000 block of Bluebill Lane April 9. The investigation is ongoing.

• Officers responded to a school in the 7500 block of Fourth Avenue on a report of a student with a vape device April 9. Officers collected the device and cited the student for underage possession of a tobacco device.

• Officers responded to a dispute between several neighbors in the 1200 block of Velvetleaf Lane April 9. The dispute was verbal in nature and several solutions were offered to involved parties.

• An officer conducted a traffic stop on a commercial vehicle for a traffic violation in the 6400 block of Otter Lake Road. The officer conducted a Level l commercial vehicle inspection and the vehicle was put out of service for numerous violations.

• Officers responded to a report of a dog that was hit by a vehicle in the area of Lake Drive and Lois Lane April 10. Officers made contact with the driver and dog owner and advised them of the situation.

• An officer stopped a motorist in the 600 block of Apollo Drive April 10 and subsequently arrested the driver for possession of a controlled substances, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of hypodermic needles and driving after revocation. The adult male was booked into the Anoka County Jail to be held for charging.

• Officers responded to a tree down in the street; it was hanging from a power line and blocking traffic in the area of Sunset Avenue NE and Century Trail April 11. The power company secured the wires and moved the tree.

• Officers responded to a report of the smell of marijuana in an apartment building in the 700 block of Town Center Parkway April 11. Officers located the source and charges are pending for the possession of a controlled substance.

• Officers responded to a two-vehicle property damage crash in the area of Lake Drive and Town Center Parkway April 13. Both vehicles were towed from the scene and an adult female was cited for failing to stop for a traffic control device.

• An officer stopped a vehicle for numerous moving violations in the 1000 block of Main Street April 14. An adult female driver was subsequently arrested for DWI.


The Centennial Lakes Police Department reported the following incidents:

• Officers received a delayed dog bite report from the 1900 block of Robin Lane in Centerville April 10. The quarantine process was started.

• Police were dispatched to a phone call harassment report that involved a business in the 9300 block of Lexington Avenue in Lexington April 10. Officers were unable to determine the identity of the involved suspect.

• Officers were dispatched to an animal complaint in the 8800 block of Arona Avenue in Lexington April 10. The caller suspected her dog was being poisoned. Evidence was collected from the scene.

• Police were dispatched to the 1800 block of Main Street in Centerville on a theft report.

• Officers observed a vehicle in the parking lot located at 1 South Pine Drive in Circle Pines April 11. A male in the vehicle appeared to be sleeping. Officers determined the male was drinking and watching videos in the vehicle. The male was subsequently arrested for DWI.

• Officers stopped a male riding a bicycle in the 9300 block of Griggs Avenue in Lexington April 13. The male possessed a controlled substance and had a felony warrant. He was brought to the Anoka County Jail.

• Officers conducted a traffic stop for a turn signal violation at the intersection of Lake Drive and Griggs Avenue in Lexington April 14. The driver was found to have a warrant, the vehicle had expired registration and the driver’s license was also revoked. Drugs and drug paraphernalia were also found.

• Officers conducted a traffic stop for two occupants who were not wearing a seat belt in the area of East Road and Center Road in Circle Pines April 14. The driver did not have his driver’s license in his possession and provided officers with false insurance information.

• Police responded to a phone call report of a delayed criminal sexual conduct incident in Lexington April 15. It appears a juvenile female sent photos to an alleged adult male. The case was forwarded to the Anoka County Criminal Investigative Division.

• Officers investigated a misdemeanor assault in the 4200 block of Woodland Road in Circle Pines April 15. No one was charged for the incident.

• Police conducted a traffic stop in the area of Main Street and 20th Avenue in Centerville April 15. Police detected the odor of marijuana and subsequently searched the vehicle. The driver was issued a citation for marijuana in a motor vehicle.

• Officers conducted a traffic stop in the area of Lake Drive and Fire Barn Road in Circle Pines April 16. The driver of the vehicle was cited for driver after revocation. A passenger was arrested on an outstanding warrant and cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

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