Business dumping traffic

Your article on Waldoch Farms was misleading. Only three people were in favor. One was mad at the noise from Bill’s Superette and felt the rest of us could deal with the traffic. One used to work for Waldoch. One doesn’t spend much time in the area.  

No one else was notified. There is a petition signed by 20 people to the contrary. Didn’t the council think it strange that only three people were in favor? Only Elbe Street was mentioned; I am sure people will use 81st to get to Lake Drive. A commercial business dumping their traffic into a residential area is wrong and dangerous.


Sharon Erickson

Lino Lakes


*The Quad Community Press contacted Lino Lakes City Hall and was informed by staff members that letters were sent to residents on Elbe Street by U.S. Mail two weeks in advance of the meeting. According to staff members, none of the letters were returned as undeliverable


Neighbor invading privacy

This is in response to your article, “Neighbors voice support for Waldoch Farm.” No neighbor should have the right to cost you your time or money and no neighbor should be able to invade your privacy. I was given a petition and asked to walk it through our neighborhood. At this time, I have 19 signatures. Out of the 19 signatures, one was notified by the city of the City Council meeting.

Our property connects to the Waldoch property. We were not notified. Jeff Joyer stated in the article that his intent is if 20 or 30 cars are trying to leave, that's what they don't want happening. We have never seen 10 cars lined up to get out of his parking lot. Jeff owns more than 100 acres. There is no reason he can't put a road on his own property to exit onto Lake Drive.

He intends on building townhomes on some of his property. At that time, he will have to build roads going to Lake Drive. His exit road is at the back of our home. Anyone driving down that exit road can see right into our home. Most homes have a house in back, not a road. This will depreciate the value of our property.


Julie Pearson

Lino Lakes

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