Good representation

Jeff Reinert has done a great job as mayor and now he is running for Anoka County Commissioner. Weshould all support him because he is the best person that can truly represent us. I want to also congratulate our new mayor, Rob Rafferty. I am very happy he won because he has worked with JeffReinert and knows what our residents want and will keep our city on the right path.

It is very important that we all remember to vote on Feb. 11, because we will be voting for two important seats to represent us. Jeff Reinert should be voted in as our next county commissioner andsince Rob Rafferty had two years left on the City Council when he was elected mayor, we also need to vote someone in to finish out his council term.

Both Jeff and Rob are supporting Nate Vojtech for City Council. Nate is a great candidate because he is not a one-issue candidate or running with a chip on his shoulder like others. He has years of experienceon our Economic Advisory Board and is running for the right reason … to help make good decisions for our city.

Vote for Jeff Reinert for Anoka County Commissioner and Nate Vojtech for Lino Lakes City Council. Both of these residents have lived here a long time, know our area and will be the best to represent us.


Al Moser

Lino Lakes



It’s time to 

show up for Cavegn

My friend Tony Cavegn was an excellent candidate for mayor of Lino Lakes. When he told me he was willing to run for City Council after a disappointing loss, I was so relieved. All his strengths — project management experience, respectful leadership style, attention to detail and willingness to look at all parts of a problem to find the best solution —will be assets to the Lino Lakes City Council.

A special election in February is tough. The weather can be challenging, kids get sick, plans get derailed quickly. That’s why I requested my absentee ballot (request yours at this week. Local government touches so many aspects of our daily lives, and it works best when we all participate. I led the Centennial Yes! levy campaign in 2018, and we were successful because our friends and neighbors talked to one another, encouraged others to vote and showed up at the polls. It’s time to show up again. I’ve voted for Tony Cavegn for Lino Lakes City Council. I hope you will, too.


Amy Johnson Korba

Lino Lakes



Let’s get this right

We have on opportunity on Feb. 11 to elect a proven fiscally sound, creative problem-solver as our Anoka County Commissioner. That person is Jeff Reinert, former mayor of Lino Lakes. I was on the Lino Lakes Planning & Zoning Board for nine years while Jeff was mayor. In that time, I observed firsthand his passion for ensuring that Lino Lakes grew in an environmentally and economically responsible manner.  

It is challenging to balance the sometimes conflicting desires of the residential and business communities. However, we need both to thrive if we want a great community, and Jeff worked hard to ensure both were treated fairly.  

From a budget perspective, I watched Jeff guide Lino Lakes through challenging times. In doing so, he kept budget growth extremely low while maintaining high service standards. Other communities had their budgets growing faster than their population growth, but that was not the case in Lino Lakes.  

Limiting budget growth was not easy. It required creative problem-solving and courage of convictions.  

Jeff will continue his passion for budget restraint and environmentally sound growth as our county commissioner. Let’s get this right and elect him on Feb. 11.


Bob Nelson

Lino Lakes



Reinert and Vojtech 

are the right choice

I have lived in Lino Lakes for the past six years and have appreciated Jeff Reinert’s leadership as our mayor in terms of keeping taxes affordable, working towards a more efficient government and focusing on making the Lino Lakes community a great place to raise a family.

I know Jeff will continue to fight for these principles at the county level. I have had the privilege of getting to know Jeff personally, as we both volunteer on the Chain of Lakes Rotary Club and Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Network. Jeff is very knowledgeable, quick with humor and truly cares about the people he represents. I feel he will be a fine addition to the Anoka County Board of Commissioners, as he has served Lino Lakes very well as our mayor. He is capable of tackling tough issues and delivering well-analyzed results to benefit the citizens in the communities he is representing.Nate Vojtech and I have been friends for several years and our families are close. He is a very passionate individual who gives his all to everything he pursues. Nate is a natural communicator who actually turned his strengths of listening and talking into his career of healing individuals and families.  

His continued focus on service to the community throughout the years has given him a vast knowledge of community needs and solutions that will positively impact our community. His family, friends and neighbors are very important to him, and I feel confident he will make the best decisions for us when serving on the City Council.

Voting for Jeff Reinert and Nate Vojtech will help ensure that we will all be represented well at the county and city level for years to come. They can provide the competent and confident leadership we need for our community and our families.


Justin Larson

Lino Lakes

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