Thanks for freedom editorial 

I would like to thank Press Publications and editor Sara Marie Moore on her reasoned and “on point” editorial entitled “Liberty” in the Oct. 15, 2019 issue of the Shoreview Press. It is a sad commentary on the state of our country, and the current political and social climate, that a country founded on the hopes and dreams of immigrants is now evidently “too crowded” to welcome new immigrants.

While many arguments are used to explain this apparent change in the values historically associated with our country, it is hard to see much beyond the fear of the “differences” that these new immigrants bring. As Ms. Moore suggests, a sad day indeed for “Lady Liberty”, and a country which has prided itself on providing opportunity for those persecuted and endangered in their countries of origin.


Tim Erickson

Lino Lakes


Phase out four-way stops

It is time for White Bear Lake to phase out four-way stops and move to roundabouts. Such stops are a relic from a time with low traffic volume and minimal information about effective urban planning. Ultimately, they are archaic, inefficient and dangerous. Surely every driver, certainly during busy periods, is fed up with the bizarre, uncomfortable and often stressful ritual that the four-way stops demand. Roundabouts are easier to navigate, far more efficient by keeping cars moving and much safer. The transition could be done with modest expense: roundabouts, in most cases, require only a small concrete circle in the center of the road and some additional road markings.


Mark Powell 

Lino Lakes


Paid Letter:

Rafferty for Lino Lakes Mayor

I’m writing to urge the residents of Lino Lakes to vote for Rob Rafferty for mayor. For the past 10 years I’ve served with Rob on the Board of Directors for the Vadnais Lake Water Management Organization which covers southeast Lino Lakes around Amelia Lake. It’s become apparent to me that Rob cares deeply about Lino Lakes. His experience, leadership, and work ethic will make Rob an excellent mayor.

Over the years I have had many discussions with Rob on what’s really important to a city. As a council member for 10 years Rob has supported conservative fiscal management but realizes that public safety and infrastructure must be maintained. He has had to make some tough decisions representing Lino Lakes, especially coming out of the Great Recession. Rob has fought to keep tax increases to a minimum while at the same time balancing new growth while keeping the natural amenities, the lakes, wetlands, and parks the central part of what makes Lino Lakes unique.

Elect the best candidate for Mayor of Lino Lakes, please vote for Rob Rafferty.


Dan Jones

White Bear Lake


Paid Letter:

Lyden a great choice

I have known Chris Lyden as both a neighbor and public official for over 25 years. His wife, Lona, knows him even better and this is what she posted on Facebook for his last birthday (reprinted with permission):

“I know of no one, no one that can hold a candle to Chris Lyden! And I know countless amazing people that do profound things for many in many ways. He deserves to be appreciated, thanked and celebrated every day! No spouse could ever do all that he has done for me. No father has put himself 

last every day of his life as a father and he has always without pause done anything for our kids, he is the best of everything to everyone…best dad, best son, best sibling, best neighbor, best dog dad and best co-worker, best teacher, best stranger, best uncle, best guy to all of our kids’ friends and significant others. He doesn’t contain a selfish ounce, he is annoying optimistic at times, he is always great with no problems even when that is the furthest from the truth. He is there if someone needs him at 4 a.m., 6 p.m. or midnight. He doesn’t complain or question why things are a struggle, he does more every day than I can accomplish in three months, he is so wise, so handy - can fix anything of our or anyone else’s, he gives and gives and looks for nothing in return. He is the most unsung hero.” 


Caroline Dahl

Lino Lakes


Paid Letter:

Vote the three Rs

For the best leadership in Anoka County and Lino Lakes, vote the three Rs: Reinert, Rafferty and Ruhland. 

Jeff Reinert demonstrated his strong leadership skills in Lino Lakes for many years. He carefully studies all issues and is decisive. He will do the same as Anoka County Supervisor. 

Further, Reinert understands the difference between fiscal responsibility, austerity and unrestrained spending. Fiscal responsibility as practiced by Reinert means maintaining infrastructure, that we all use, and promoting public safety, that we all need. Austerity, that others may support, results in crumbling infrastructure and diminished public safety. Unrestrained spending, that yet others may promote, means an overly excessive tax burden. Reinert has a common sense, responsible and balanced approach to budget management. 

Rob Rafferty has the right experience and knowledge to lead Lino Lakes as its next mayor. I worked with Rafferty on the Planning and Zoning Board, as well as observing his activity on Lino Lakes City Council. He realizes the importance of fiscal stewardship, business development and providing key services. He is the mayor we need.

Michael Ruhland is a solid voice on the Planning and Zoning Board. He carefully considers the issues on their merit and asks probing questions. His experience on the board and professionally, as well as his businesslike approach, will serve Lino Lakes well as a City Council member. 

When marking your ballot, consider fiscal responsibility, experience and decisiveness. Vote for the three Rs: Jeff Reinert, Rob Rafferty and Michael Ruhland


Michael Root

Lino Lakes


Paid Letter:

Taking power into their own hands

I wish to comment on the Anoka County Commissioner, District 6 race. One of the candidates is Cindy Hansen, former mayor of Spring Lake Park until July 1.  She resigned that night to relocate, six months into her new term as mayor. Lino Lakes was her destination. In September, one of the Council members of the city of Lino Lakes sent me an email with her bio for North Metro attached. The Council person was doing fact finding and wanted to know how Hansen claimed to be a resident of Lino Lakes for six years, while being our Mayor in Spring Lake Park during the same time?  

She claimed to be a homeowner for six years, and she also made it appear, since she did not name the city that she was the mayor of Lino Lakes.  In her bio, Spring Lake Parks’ name was not even mentioned.  

Three weeks later, in a televised interview for North Metro she talked about her husband who found his “monster garage” in 2013. The garage is an airplane hangar on Lino Lakes private airfield with attached home. She further stated, now using the city of Spring Lake Park, Administrator Dan Buchholtz told her she could continue as Spring Lake Parks’ mayor if she spent 51% of her time in Spring Lake Park. Question, where did she sleep? In a Statutory City, an official must live within the boundary. It is interesting Dan Buchholtz has that kind of power to allow this woman to continue for several years without the knowledge of the City Council, or the residents who paid her. She appointed Dan to his job six years ago, and was instrumental in helping him receive the prestigious James F. Miller Award in 2017.    

It is a very sad when elected and appointed officials take this kind of power into their own hands. 


Barbara Goodboe-Bisschoff

Spring Lake Park City Council 


Paid Letter:

Lino Lakes needs your vote

Lino Lakes needs you to come out and vote on Nov. 5. We need to make sure our city stays on track into the future. I have been in city government since 2012. It’s important for you to come support the direction that the city will be going. I am the only one on the Lino Lakes City Council that you will not see on the ballot this year. I care about our city, and the right experience matters for our city.

Council member Rob Rafferty has my confidence that he will become our new mayor for Lino Lakes. His experience in city government matters. Just like you can’t learn to ride a bike on YouTube, you can’t be a good mayor unless you attend City Council meetings. There are no other candidates running for mayor that have attended in person.

Rafferty’s heart for the northern Lino Lakes is impressive. He is the best person for mayor because of his efforts to help the neighbors in Arena Acres. Also, his time spent at American Legion volunteering with their programs is also impressive.

Mike Ruhland, a current Planning and Zoning board member, has my vote. His new ideas and experience with land issues will be very beneficiary. He has a good heart for our city and his motivations are to help. I endorse him for Lino Lakes City Council election. The ballot will allow you to vote for two candidates, but a single vote for Ruhland will be what I will do to make sure he gets in.

I want to thank Jeff Reinert for his 20 years of humble service to Lino Lakes. He will be missed greatly in city leadership. His conservative ideas and experience with Lino Lakes city government will be exponentially expanded by sharing him with Anoka County government. If you can trust Jeff with Lino Lakes, imagine what he can do in Anoka County.

For other Lino Lakes happenings, visit


Dale Stoesz

Lino Lakes City Council 


Paid Letter:

Elect Jeff Reinert for Anoka County Commissioner 

Over the last few years as the manager of the American Legion Post 566 in Lino Lakes, I have been able to get to know Mayor Jeff Reinert through his volunteering at the post and his membership in the Sons of the American Legion. Jeff often volunteers to cook and clean in the kitchen when needed and for a few years in our dunk tank to help raise money during Blue Heron Days. 

While at the American Legion, he worked with members to form the Lino Lakes Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Network and continues to work on raising money for the Lino Lake Vets War Memorial. I believe he is truly dedicated to doing what is right for our community. 

I am also a resident of Lino Lakes and appreciate what Jeff has done for our city to make sure we get great city services while making sure taxes stay under control. Jeff has been on the city council for 20 years and he will be missed as our mayor, but his experience will serve all of us well when he is elected to represent us as our next Anoka County Commissioner. 

Diana Cox 

Lino Lakes


Paid Letter:

Vote Tony Cavegn for Mayor

Respectfully listening to and considering the concerns of the community is an essential component in good governance. We need more of this in Lino Lakes. Tony Cavegn has demonstrated the ability to build consensus and achieve goals. He listens to the input of others even when their viewpoints differ from his own. He is a strong leader as well as a team player. He has shown this professionally in his career and in building partnerships within his social community. 

I have personally observed his willingness to serve and his commitment to public safety when in 2008 he became one of the original volunteers to be trained as a member of Lino Lakes’ first Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). He continues to serve our community as a CERT member as well as in other volunteer capacities. 

Tony has never shied away from a challenge.  He has the skills needed to prioritize the needs of our city and then to implement a plan to make good things happen.  Tony Cavegn is an exceptional choice for Mayor of Lino Lakes. 

Vincent Lechman 

Lino Lakes


Paid Letter:

Vote Cavegn for fresh ideas and new leadership 

As a retired deputy fire chief from the Centennial Fire District, I spent 30 years protecting the cities of Lino Lakes, Circle Pines and Centerville. Much of my time was invested in training and having our department ready for a multitude of hazards and emergencies. Lino Lakes now has a public safety department staffed with dedicated men and women charged with that responsibility. Those professionals require the support of the city leadership and the funding required to perform day-to-day activities as well as emergencies safely and efficiently. Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of safety and security in the city they live and pay taxes in. 

I believe Tony Cavegn has the ambition, urgency and knowledge required to support the mission of the public safety department. In my discussions with Tony during the Lino Lakes separation from the district, Tony expressed to me the importance of department readiness and safety. I fully support Tony as mayor for the city of Lino Lakes, as I believe he will lead the city to positive changes and openness to citizen input. A multitude of campaign signs around the city does not make a candidate a good fit for a job. Good character, positive attitude, ambition and fresh ideas do.Vote Tony Cavegn for Mayor. It is time for fresh ideas and new leadership. 

This endorsement is not an endorsement from the Centennial Fire District.


Glen Olson

Lino Lakes

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