If you know me, you know I love dogs. I wear my dog mom hat proudly. 

I also love weddings. I can easily binge watch shows like “Say Yes to the Dress”  and “Four Weddings.  

With wedding season right around the corner, I’m getting excited for my new part-time “job”. I have been hired by Doggy Social as a pet attendant. 

Although I was able to include my white German shepherd Frosty in our engagement photos, we were not able to have her attend our big day because we didn’t have anyone to watch her all day. (Our corgi Twinkie wasn’t born yet.) 

That’s where a pet attendant comes in. As a pet attendant, my number one priority is to keep their fur baby safe, while taking care of their needs. We make sure the dogs have just as much fun as their humans and are incorporated into the day, whether that means making sure the dogs look their best for photos, getting them ready to walk down the aisle or socializing with wedding guests at cocktail hour. 

I’m excited to love up all these adorable dogs and make them feel extra loved on their humans’ big day. My first wedding is later this week —It just so happens that the bride and groom have two corgis!



Even though I have only been eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for two weeks now, I have been anxiously waiting my turn since the pandemic began. 

As a journalist, I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to work throughout the entire pandemic. We were deemed “essential,” yet we weren’t granted access to the vaccine until virtually everyone else was. 

Every day early in the morning and late at night, I have surfed various websites for pharmacies, grocery stores and clinics hoping to get lucky enough to find an appointment anywhere from the Twin Cities to Duluth. I even joined a Facebook group where people post tips and places that they have been able to find appointments. 

Sometimes I have gotten my hopes up when I’m able to select a specific date and time only to find out the “appointment is no longer available.” I’m not even picky about which vaccine I receive. 

I was finally able to find an appointment in Forest Lake last Wednesday. Thankfully, my second shot is already scheduled. 


Subscription campaign 

Thank you to everyone who has already become a subscriber of the Vadnais Heights Press during our spring campaign. Now more than ever, we need your support to keep providing great local news content that you can’t find anywhere else.

 Every subscription campaign, staff at Press Publications talks about area nonprofit organizations that we would like to help. In addition to supporting local journalism, you also have the option to donate $1 of your subscription to our campaign beneficiary, the Vadnais Heights Lions. 

Forty-one years ago, a group of civic-minded men came together to form the Vadnais Heights Lions Club with the purpose of empowering volunteers to serve in their community to meet humanitarian needs. The Vadnais Heights Lions Club was chartered in 1980 as part of Lions Clubs International, the world’s largest service club organization. Lions focus on the areas of sight, hunger, diabetes, pediatric cancer and environment at both the local and international levels. 

Over the years, the club has partnered with the city of Vadnais Heights and has been actively involved in many city-sponsored events, including Heritage Days and the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The Lions are also known for their famous Belgian waffle breakfasts held each spring and fall. A golf tournament, held each September, has also become a part of the club’s fundraising activities. 

Please consider supporting your community newspaper, as well as a community organization that has a great impact on residents.

Shannon Granholm is the Lead Editor at Press Publications.

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