The glorious spring season will soon be here. For many people, that means more sunshine, warmer temperatures and budding flowers. For dog owners, however, springtime is a season to dread: white rugs are ruined, dogs need countless baths and backyards are desperately in need of a cleanup.

That's where Turdy Jobs, a pet waste removal service, comes in handy.

“People think I'm nuts, but it is not as bad as people think, it really isn't,” said Turdy Jobs founder Lindsay Johnson, a Lino Lakes resident. Johnson has owned the business for five years. After her kids got a bit older, Johnson knew she wanted to pursue a career in the pet industry and was leaning toward a pet-sitting business. After some different life events and an incident where her dog was attacked, she realized that pet sitting was not for her.

One day she was listening to the radio and heard someone call in to ask what people's favorite service was. “Somebody said, ‘pet waste removal’ and I thought, ‘I can do that!’” she said. “It doesn't bother me.”

The full-time operation keeps her and four employees busy year-round. The busiest time of year is right now, when dog owners turn to her company to look after the yards they have neglected over the winter months. As temperatures keep rising and the snow melts away, Johnson encourages people to wait it out — just a bit longer.

“Everybody's anxious to get it cleaned up, but honestly, just wait a little bit. It makes a huge difference,” she said.

Turdy Jobs serves clients all over the metro and typically visits clients once a week, but the business also offers an every-other-week option as well as a one-time spring cleaning option. Turdy Jobs also does commercial pickup for apartment and condo complexes that need both indoor and outdoor spaces cleaned up. Have no fear: cat lovers can also get help cleaning out litter boxes.

Even though the job can be quite messy, Johnson said she enjoys spending time outside and setting her own schedule. She also likes getting to meet the furry friends she is cleaning up after. “I get to see so many breeds and get a good feel for what is out there,” she said.

The job also allows her to spend some time with her teenagers. “It gives them something to do, and is a way for them to make some money. Some of their friends even come with to help too,” she said.

Lino Lakes resident Julie Harrington has been utilizing Turdy Jobs' services for three years since she found the company online. She uses their weekly dog cleanup service to clean up after her three dogs.

“Neither my hubby or I are great about picking up doggy doo on a consistent basis, plus I travel quite a bit for work, so it just makes life easier,” she said.

Harrington's dogs love the service, too. Her golden lab, Remington, waits by the back door on Thursdays. When the poo-picker-upper arrives, he runs to his doggy door to go play some fetch.

“Whoever is picking up that day, they always play ball with him and give him treats and love. It is really fun to watch. They are always smiling and laughing with him,” she said. “At the end of each month, they leave a little bag of treats. I love the company and how they interact with my babies. They do a great job and have great customer service.”

Hang in there, pet lovers: the snow will soon be gone, the mud will dry up and it will get easier to get your yard looking great again.

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