Seniors at two local care facilities will not feel alone this Valentine’s Day, thanks to St. Joseph of the Lakes Catholic Church and community members. 

For the first time, parishioners are busy making Valentine’s Day cards, which will be given to seniors at White Pine Senior Living in Blaine and Lino Lakes Assisted Living. Cards will also be given to parishioners who have been isolated due to personal circumstances amid the pandemic. 

“People are thirsting for contact and connection and to know that they are not alone,” said Barb Uschold Anderson, director of pastoral care. “Because we have not been able to go out into the care centers (for visits), we are at least able to reach out in this way.” 

The cards have been made by people of all ages. Uschold Anderson said some community members who do not attend St. Joseph have also made and dropped off cards. Volunteers also made cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Ham Lake resident Cheri Brausen, a former longtime Lino Lakes resident, has attended the church for over 20 years. Brausen made 25 cards. 

“We just feel so bad for the seniors. We know how lonesome they must be,” she explained. Brausen mentioned she has a friend who suffered a stroke a few years ago who lives at White Pine. “His wife and son haven’t been able to see him since before Thanksgiving. His wife just got to see him for the first time (Feb. 1).” 

Brausen said that in a normal year, she would visit some of the older members of the parish. “We aren’t able to visit them because of the pandemic, so if we can reach out in any way, we do it,” she said. 

Community members who would like to drop off cards for seniors can call the church at 651-784-3015. 

“I hope it brings a smile to their face to know that someone is thinking about them,” Brausen said. “Most of them have been stuck in their rooms for the last year. It makes you wonder how many of these poor people are passing away because they are lonesome. They have got to have broken hearts in there.”


Lead Editor Shannon Granholm can be reached at 651-407-1227

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