LEXINGTON — Two employees of Sausage Haus in Lexington have plead guilty to a gross misdemeanor for a game law violation that stems back to 2017. 

Mark James Sand, 62, of Hackensack, Minnesota, and Matthew Harris Sand, 34, of Carver, Minnesota, have both been convicted of buying/selling deer/moose/elk/caribou. Two charges (untagged big game animal) against Mark were dismissed, and three charges (two counts of buying/selling wild animals $300 or more and one count of buying/selling deer/moose/elk/caribou) against Matthew were dismissed. 

The DNR first confirmed that the Sausage Haus, located at 9075 South Highway Drive in Lexington, was under investigation in December 2019. Lt. Col. Greg Salo of DNR Enforcement confirmed that the investigation began in the fall of 2018. Following completion of the investigation in early 2020, the case was handed over to the county for prosecution.

Mark and Matthew’s first appearances in court were July 7. An omnibus hearing was held for both individuals Sept. 15 and a sentencing order was issued Sept. 18. 

Mark and Matthew both received a stay of imposition. (If probation is successfully completed, the convictions will be certified as a petty misdemeanors). In addition to two years of supervised probation, Mark and Matthew will have to pay restitution of $847.50 as well as other fees totaling $588. 



Other conditions include:

• Maintain a log book of all wild game processing orders, including specific weight being processed with customer identification required with hunting license or driver’s license information. A wild game processing log book must be available for inspection by DNR at all times during business hours.

• Deposit to cover processing costs is required on all wild game processing orders.

• Processed orders that are not picked up by the customer are not allowed to be sold, but may be donated to charitable groups with a record kept of orders that were not picked up, amount and product donated, and identified charitable group including the individual receiving the donated order.


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