LINO LAKES — A resident spoke up during open mike at the Oct. 28 City Council meeting to voice his concerns about traffic on Lake Drive.

Lois Lane resident John Humenansky said he had concerns about the rush hour traffic on the heavily traveled road.

“I am wondering if there are any future plans to address the traffic on Lake Drive?” he asked. “I live east of Lake Drive and sometimes it is really almost impossible to get out of there. The speed limit is 50 or 55 mph ... sometimes a car might leave a space for me to come out, but I can't see the oncoming traffic.”

Mayor Jeff Reinert explained that Lake Drive is a county road, so the issue would have to be assessed by Anoka County.

“This is something that has come up from time to time ... At a previous meeting we did talk about the fact that at one time it was 55 mph and it has just kind of been left alone for years as the town has been developing and there has been more traffic,” he said. “It is something that the city should take a look at and request regardless of the county taking a look at it. That could help a lot of people.”

Humenansky suggested the city consider a future transportation improvement that would allow access to Main Street from properties east of Lake Drive.  “If that was a possibility, that might alleviate that problem,” he said.

Community Development Director Michael Grochala said, “Lake Drive is experiencing a lot of backups right now, predominately because of the I-35W/35E interchange construction. We are getting a lot of cut-through traffic. Hopefully once that project is done that will free up some things.”

Grochala added that the Pine Glen development, which was constructed in the late 2000s, included a street stub (Jane Avenue) that could be extended to James Street in the future, allowing access to Main Street. Grochala said that project would likely be done when the road needs to be reconstructed, which is still a few years out. He noted that the project would require the city to acquire additional right-of-way.

Humenansky said that whatever the solution is, he would prefer not to see additional stoplights added to Lake Drive.


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