CIRCLE PINES — Matthew's Family Restaurant in Circle Pines abruptly closed its doors after more than two decades in business. There was a sign posted on the door last week that read, “After 23 years of proudly serving this community, we are being forced to close. These are not our wishes.” The note was signed, “Kindest thoughts and sweetest memories, Love Amy and Matt.”

Rumors have been circulating social media since the closing. Some of the rumors allege criminal activity.

Centennial Lakes Police Department (CLPD) Chief James Coan said, “I can tell you that our department has no criminal investigation going on concerning the restaurant or the owners, nor have we been contacted by any other law enforcement agency regarding any investigation. Having said that, I suppose that anything is possible, as we wouldn’t necessarily hear from a federal agency.” Coan noted that extra patrol has been requested in the area.

“It seems that there is considerable consternation over the closing since it 

was so abrupt and without explanation. It is a shame, as the restaurant serves as such a focal point for so many people in our area,” Coan said.

City Administrator Patrick Antonen confirmed that there are no pending building code violations against the business.

Mayor Dave Bartholomay said that he had no idea why the business closed. “I have no information on why this has happened, but I am saddened because the restaurant was a tremendous place to eat and to see neighbors,” he said.

The Quad Community Press was unable to reach either the business owners, Amy and Matt Salos, or the strip mall owner, Patty Smith, before press deadlines.

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