Local coding camp teaches with an eye on the future

Two students at coding bootcamp use competitive games to learn the basics of coding. 

CIRCLE PINES—Summer weeks are filled with avenues for parents to give their kids new experiences to keep them learning while school is out. Sports, church, arts and music are a few. Thanks to Code Championship, parents can now add computer coding to that list of activities.

The Code Championship program is traveling throughout the Twin Cities metro this summer, not to persuade kids to become software developers, but simply to show them that coding is fun and learning something new can be rewarding.

Centennial High School hosted the camp July 15-18, bringing in 13 students to learn the ins and outs of computer coding and be a part of an energetic learning environment.

Founder Luke Schlangen started Code Championship in 2014 and sees value in the work. “Over the past five years, we've found that learning follows excitement,” he said. “Our biggest goal is to leave young coders excited about code. If a student is excited, they can learn anything.”

With a technology boom in full swing for the younger generation, Code Championship sees an opportunity to introduce a helpful tool at an early age, a tool that could be useful for more than just people in tech careers down the road. “It's important for the next generation to understand how code works, since it will play such a large role in their world,” Schlangen said.

Schlangen also emphasizes that coding can be recognized as a sport. The curriculum implements games and competitions for an energetic atmosphere with a keyboard and mouse.

The Code Championship camps continue throughout August, reaching all corners of the metro area. Partnering with the High Tech Kids program, Code Championship will host a state championship day Aug. 17.

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