Lino Lakes YMCA announces it will not reopen fitness center

The Lino Lakes YMCA announced last week that it will not be reopening its fitness and well–being center.

LINO LAKES—Members of the Lino Lakes YMCA received an email July 23 announcing that the Lino Lakes YMCA will not reopen its fitness and well–being center.

The spread of COVID-19 has forced many YMCA locations to make adjustments. 

Other YMCA locations in the Twin Cities area have been slowly reopening with social distance and extra sanitation measures in place, but it appears Lino Lakes will be going in a different direction. 

“Within our community board and partners, we are determining what programs and partnerships in a YMCA community response hub designed to provide critical, life-saving necessities and services could benefit the local community,” read the email signed by Glen Gunderson, president and CEO of YMCA Greater Twin Cities. 

The Lino Lakes YMCA has adapted to serve the community over the last few months by providing meals to those who don’t have food, comforting seniors who are socially Isolated and hosting blood drives in order to ensure there is a continuing supply during the pandemic. 

“We will be working and reimagining with community partners and our board to figure out what we do next to serve community,” said a member of the company publicity team on behalf of Lino Lakes YMCA Executive Director Andrew Hoffman. 

Members who use the Lino Lakes YMCA were asked to select another fitness center, such as Forest Lake, Shoreview or Emma B. Howe in Coon Rapids, where they can expect a free month of membership after finding their new home site. 

In the meantime, YMCA people will begin a visioning process with stakeholders and members of the community over the next few weeks, and plan to provide updates as they proceed. 


— Jackie Bussjaeger

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