Female leadership powers Anoka County squadron

Pictured from left are: Command Chief Giselle Johnson, Deputy Cadet Commander Kayla Wayman, Cadet Commander Iva Hammitt, Deputy Cadet Commander Ainsley Durand and Cadet Executive Officer Cally Jacobson. 

When you walk into the Anoka County Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), you’d be hard pressed to not see the girl power that exists there. 

Based in Blaine, the largest squadron in the Minnesota Wing and the North Central Region has 34 female cadets on its roster. 

This summer, Anoka marks a new milestone at its Cadet Change of Command. For the first time in unit history, Anoka’s cadet corps will be led by an all-female cadet executive staff. 

“These young women have all worked together and pushed each other to achieve through the CAP Cadet Program. They are the epitome of both personal achievement and team building,” says Maj. Mary Albright. 

With only 25 total female cadet officers in the CAP across the entire Minnesota Wing, Anoka fields nearly a third of that number all by themselves.What is Anoka’s secret? 

“We believe in giving every cadet the opportunity to advance at the pace they choose, Maj. Albright said.  “So while we stand ready to support our cadets, it’s their personal goals that motivate them to achieve. We provide the tools and environment, but they bring their own talents to the table.” 

What would these young women have to say to others about the CAP? Collectively, they all agree that CAP has something for everyone. Cadets who love to fly or explore space love the Aerospace Program.  Many enjoy being of service to our communities by being on emergency services teams and more recently training to be on a small unmanned aerial systems search team. 

Through the Cadet Program, you learn to be a leader, develop communications skills and understand the value of team building. You learn the skills to become one of the next world leaders. If you’re interested in computer security, space operations, or marching in a parade while carrying the colors, CAP has a program for you. 

The Anoka County Composite Squadron has a Join CAP Information Night on Tuesday, Sept 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Anoka-Blaine Airport. Interested youth ages 12-17 are welcome to attend with their families to learn about the CAP Cadet Program. More information is available at anokacap.com



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