LINO LAKES — This January or February when everyone is ready for winter to be over, locals can warm up their bellies with signature, handmade pasta dishes at a new restaurant.

Shortly after the first of the new year, Campanelle Restaurant & Bar will open its doors to customers at 7114 Otter Lake Road in Lino Lakes. Campanelle will be located in the same building as Dunkin', on the west side, closest to the McDonalds.

Owner Kent Bergmann, a Lino Lakes resident, has been in the restaurant industry for 24 years and counting and is thrilled to open up a restaurant in his own community.

“I have done everything from starting out as dishwasher, serving, bartending, all the way up to general manager and consulting. I've been wanting to do something in the community, and this opportunity arose real close to home,” he said. “I wanted to offer the community something that is not here currently.”

Most recently, Bergmann's job has been offering independent consulting services to restaurants. He helps restaurants set up point-of-sale systems, 

develop menus, come up with marketing campaigns etc.

Campanelle, which means bellflowers, or “little bells,” in Italian, is the type of noodle that the restaurant will make every morning for its variety of baked pasta dishes. Campanelle noodles are shaped like a cone with a ruffed edge, or a bell-like flower.

“The pasta we are using really lends itself well to the genuine gooeyness of that melted cheese because it really gets inside of every piece of pasta the way it is made. So every bite you are guaranteed to get yourself a mouthful,” Bergmann explained.

Even though the restaurant will be using an Italian type of pasta, it won't be an Italian restaurant. Every pasta dish will be cooked in a skillet and served in that skillet. “That way they will stay nice and toasty to your table,” Bergmann said.

In addition to the pasta dishes, Campanelle will also serve appetizers, salads, soups and sandwiches.

“It will be your ultimate comfort food. We are going to have so many dishes, anything from chicken Tex-Mex, to Reuben-style mac and cheese dishes, shrimp, you name it we will have everything available ... beef, pork, seafood vegetarian,” he said. The restaurant will also have gluten-free noodles and a full bar.

Patrons will have the choice to dine in and enjoy the comfortable, causal atmosphere, watch the big game at the bar or take dishes home. In addition to the ready-to-eat takeout, there will also be the option for take and bake, where the customer can store the dish in their refrigerator for a short time and bake it themselves later.

Bergmann said the business should be open in late January or early February 2020. The website is not up and running just yet, but when it is, it will be


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