No one decorates for spooky season quite like Mike Pederson of Circle Pines. 

For the last 15 years, Pederson has been finding ways to welcome in the holidays with elaborate light displays. His love for Halloween stems from his love for Christmas, especially because of his fond memories of his grandmother who was big into decorating herself. 

“I remember going to my grandma’s during the holidays, and her house would be all done up,” said Pederson. 

Pederson has been gearing up for the holidays with his “Nightmare Before Christmas” themed Halloween display. After a couple years of doing a scary theme, Pederson decided to switch things up and go for a family-friendly Halloween display.

“I’m not much of a blood-and-gore kind of person. I’d rather make it more fun and inviting, and I get more enjoyment out of having a fun Halloween theme, so I stick to that route,” he said.

For Pederson, planning begins in August. He tries to have his display up by Oct. 1. He is always on the lookout to collect many of the “Nightmare Before Christmas” characters for his grand display. 

“I have most of the main characters with Jack and Sally on either side of the yard with Sally hiding from Dr. Frankenstein. I also have the mayor and Oogie Boogie,” he explained.

As part of the display, Pederson is collecting Halloween costumes to donate to local women’s shelters to give to kids in need. This year’s donation box is located near the driveway by the beloved Oogie Boogie in the 3000 block of Flowerfield Road in Circle Pines. 

In the past, he’s collected a dozen to two dozen costumes for local shelters. He first got the idea from a friend, who used to construct his own Halloween display in Cottage Grove that included a charitable donation of kids’ costumes. 

Pederson’s display is truly a one-man show, as he does all of the planning and set-up. Sometimes he asks for his parents' help, but he admits he likes to do things his way. 

This year Pederson ran into some delays, but the display is now up and ready to delight fellow Halloween lovers. 

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