Circle Pines Council expresses concern with simultaneous projects

The 2022 street project is proposed to include the reconstruction of approximately 1.1 miles of city streets in Circle Pines.

CIRCLE PINES — The final street project in a series of eight dating back to 2008 is slated for 2022 in the northwest corner of the city. 

The project, which involves full reconstruction of approximately 1.1 miles of city streets, is proposed to include: Twinkle Terrace (between Stardust Boulevard and Twilite Terrace); Stardust Boulevard (between Galaxy Drive and Twinkle Terrace); Twilite Terrace (between Galaxy Drive and North Road); and Galaxy Drive (Stardust Boulevard and North Road).  

“This is the last of the street projects. We did one in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 and now 2022,” Mayor Dave Bartholomay explained at the Feb. 9 council meeting. 

The 2022 project will reconstruct roadways to be 32 feet wide with new curb and gutter; reconstruct sanitary sewer and watermain within the right of way; improve stormwater facilities; and address pedestrian needs or aesthetic improvements. City Engineer Eric Eckman, of WSB, said the project will also include the removal of diseased trees or those causing driver sight-line problems. 

Council Member Jennifer Rauner wanted to know how the proposed 2022 project compared in size to other past projects. Eckman explained that it was very similar in scope to the 2020 project, in which 1.3 miles of roads in the city were fully reconstructed, but also included a partial reconstruction project as well. 

The Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) is planning a major repair to Anoka County Ditch 53-62. The project will include removing sediment, reshaping some of the ditch’s steep banks, removing trees where necessary and establishing vegetation. 

Council Member Dean Goldberg said, “I’m really worried about doing the ditch and the roads at the same time. That’s really ugly. There is no great solution … If we did different roads in 2022, they would still have two summers of misery versus one big summer of misery.” 

Antonen said the ditch project was originally scheduled for 2021 but the city requested the project be postponed one year to coincide with the city’s street project. “We felt having back-to-back years of having your yard dug up was going to be worse than having it done in one year,” he explained. 

Council Member Matt Percy compared it to ripping off a Band-Aid. He encouraged the council to do all it can to have open lines of communication with the impacted residents, both when it comes to the city’s street project and RCWD’s ditch project.

The council authorized WSB to complete a feasibility study for the project. The study cost will not exceed $125,912. Eckman said a public information meeting will be held for impacted residents in June or July, with a public hearing to follow in August. A contract will be awarded in January 2022. Construction likely will begin in June 2022.  


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