A man is facing multiple charges after shooting at a squad car that was parked in the Centennial Lakes Police Department (CLPD) employee parking lot. 

The incident happened around 7:12 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 10. An officer who was in the building at the time of the incident reported hearing a muffled boom and went to check the area. The officer found a window of one of the squad cars smashed as well as the glass door that employees use to enter the building. 

CLPD Chief Jim Mork explained at first it was believed that someone had fired two shots; upon examining the scene, however, it was determined that that the bullet likely ricocheted off of the squad car and hit the glass door. 

Thanks to a recently installed camera system, video footage revealed a white Chevy pickup truck that stopped in front of the station on North Road. “You see the truck sitting there, and all of a sudden the window on the squad car is blasted out and the truck leaves,” Mork recalled. 

Mork said CLPD received assistance from the Lino Lakes Police Department as well as the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office. While law enforcement was canvassing the scene, officers noticed a vehicle pass by a couple of times. Mork said they double-checked the video footage and confirmed the vehicle officers witnessed passing by the scene was the same vehicle that was captured on video earlier. 

Officers tried to flag down the driver of the pickup, but he fled the scene. A short pursuit ensued, and the man was taken into custody a short time later. The man is facing multiple charges, including murder in the second degree, dangerous weapon-discharge firearm at a municipality, first-degree damage to property and second-degree DUI. 

Mork said in addition to damage sustained by the employee glass door and the window of the squad, a laptop may have been damaged as well as the seatbelt mechanism on the squad car. “If an officer had been in the squad at the time, we would probably be planning a funeral right now versus getting a car repaired,” Mork said. “It was an absolute kill-type of shot.” 

This is a developing story. Watch presspubs.com for updates. 


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