2-time cancer survivor wants what’s best for seniors

Kirk Possehl pictured with PJ Fleck, coach of  the Minnesota Gophers football team.

Kirk Possehl knows of what he speaks when it comes cancer and insurance.

The two-time survivor of breast cancer wants other seniors to make sure they have adequate coverage should they get the disease.

“My journey in cancer has helped me help seniors through the medical process,” said the operator of The Possehl Agency, which serves Lino Lakes and other nearby cities. “When people reach 65 or are retiring, it’s so stressful.”

It’s not uncommon, he added, for seniors “to get bombarded” with calls and literature from insurance agents.

“Medicare does a really good job of protecting seniors,” Possehl said.

He recommends that all seniors check out the changes in their policies that are made each year — most for the good, some not so good.

“The biggest worry that seniors have is what plan truly is the best plan,” Possehl said. “When we’re done, you know you’ve got the best option. That’s paramount to me.”

The reference is to a three-step program that starts with getting Part B. Then comes a Medicare stat sheet — “We go through that in detail,” he said — followed by enrollment.

“I have seen the health care system up close and personal. The cost of health care is ridiculous, but enrollment has become very streamlined and can be made stress-free.”

Possehl was diagnosed in 2015 and the chemo, radiation treatments and (four) surgeries ended three years and three months ago.

“Not a lot of people have this experience,” he said. “I have met seniors who are so stressed out, and I know how they feel. Affordability is the biggest fear. It’s better than it’s ever been, and my job is to make it easy.

“You’ve got to be careful, because some agents don’t do the right things, so be wary of your plan. That is my biggest concern. In the last two years, almost all the plans have changed for the better. But you have to check those plans.”

He said many former plans had limitations on health care in other states. Now you can get plans that cover all 50 states.

“It’s phenomenal,” Possehl said, adding that “premiums in many cases have gone down and benefits have gotten better.”

Satisfaction in his job comes from helping seniors.

“I’m a Christian and I’ve never had a job where I get so much satisfaction and joy,” he said. “This has become a calling for me, a passion.”

Possehl believes he has a job with a true purpose.

“To me it’s a personal job,” he said, then smiled. “After two bouts with cancer, the good Lord has left me on earth to do this. I am 100% convinced of that. This is my purpose. Helping seniors through this process ... I know that’s why I’m here.”

Abe Winter is a contributing writer for Press Publications. He can be reached by calling 651-407-1200 or emailing news@presspubs.com. 

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