The Lino Lakes Police Department and the Anoka County Attorney’s Office are investigating allegations of fraudulent electronic charges appearing on accounts of customers of the now-closed StoneWater Massage and Skin Care in Lino Lakes. The police department believes that about one year ago, a person at the business began using customers' financial information to make additional charges to StoneWater under and up to around $100. Police encourage recent Stone Water customers to check their credit card and bank statements for any unauthorized charges.

The investigation is ongoing, and police have declined to release the suspect's name. Police believe there are at least 50 victims with fraudulent charges of up to $15,000 if not more.

Anyone with suspicious charges from StoneWater is encouraged to contact the Lino Lakes Police Department at 651-982-2300 to have his or her individual situation reviewed.

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I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint for the charges I did not receive services for. Stephanie the owner also was charged in the past:

Tom Pacholl

this story is without a happy ending

Robin Doerr

What is really disturbing is that many massage therapists made the Minnesota AG office aware of this person last June 2013 as she was also running scams through many businesses that consult with massage therapists where she double charged, charged for work never done and made shoddy websites through Paypal to the tune of another $20,000 in 5 states. She also posed as an accountant (lost her license after fraud with a client in 2009) and refiled tax returns without a PTIN number. Despite a clear case of internet fraud, no FBI or MN AG would take it on. People in Lino Lakes and surrounding communities need to demand action of their enforcement agencies NOW. many of these issues were preventable if law enforcement had acted sooner

Rub Maps has more happy ending places listed

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