MASS SHOOTINGS ARE on the increase. They are tragic and devastating. Families and children are fearful and law enforcement is not able to prevent them or reduce the incidence of these merciless killings.

I don’t see gun control, confiscation or more regulations as the only answer to reducing this growing problem. It’s a much, much deeper problem in our society and I think we’ve been skirting the root cause.

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shaila Cunningham

There is also a connection between school lockdowns and increased juvenile crime that the media isn't making. These kids sacrificed their mental health and general wellbeing to protect the health of their elders. They grew bored and hopeless; they lost their routines for which they had been conditioned since pre-school. Weekday, weekend, night, day, nothing mattered, school seemed pointless. They've lost faith in their institutions, including schools and churches. They've watched their parents struggle financially, motivating some to commit crimes. We'll be paying for the cancelation of school for years in terms of crime, deaths of despair (addiction, suicide), and delayed development. This is a lost generation and the blame rests partially on those who took school away. There are places in the world where kids go to school under sniper fire. It was too much for too long. I agree with many of the author's observations, but just wanted to add mine to the list!

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