With vaccines available and the Chauvin trial over, I feel that we have faced and overcome many challenges. It’s time to take a confident step forward. The days are becoming warmer, and the welcoming spring weather invites us to enjoy the outdoor activities we have missed these past many months. These are all positive steps that tell us that this summer will be better than the last.

The City is busy planning the City Clean-Up Day event on June 26, co-sponsored this year with NOHOA, where residents can bring in items to recycle such as old TVs, 

mattresses, paper to shred, and other items. It’s a great motivator to clean out some old or broken items and improve your personal space. The City is also planning this year’s Brush Pick-Up Day on May 14. More information on these events can be found on the City’s website at northoaksmn.gov. 

We are moving forward with City business and anticipate opening up the City Office in early May. The current Councilmembers take their duties seriously. Councilmembers and the professional staff believe they have an obligation to thoroughly review and analyze the applications and plans before the City. Applications and supporting material need to be filed in a timely manner and evaluated for completeness rather than rushing through the process only to discover later that important documents are missing. This is a palpable change to a practice that is no longer acceptable. 

After two years of working on the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which plans our city for the next decade, the Council has been working closely with our Metropolitan Council representative to get our plan completed, and it appears that we will have the final review and possible approval at our May meeting. After two long years of review and drafting, I am glad to bring this rewarding project to completion.

Another positive sign is the Council’s interest in hearing from City residents again. I look forward to resuming in-person Council meetings. Taking baby steps to our new normal, whatever that may be post-pandemic, I have begun holding office hours in the City Offices at least once a week and am happy to receive communication from residents in person and via email. The past few months of Council meetings demonstrate an appreciated change in the Council’s discussions with in-depth conversations and understanding of the issues as we move forward. We all continue to bring understanding from the past as we look to preserve our unique community and move into the future.  

Happiness is found through the simple things in life and enjoying being in our wonderful community that we call home.

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