Support the beneficial and beautiful:  Apply for a North Oaks Conservation Award

Does your eye-catching garden buzz and flutter with hard-working pollinators? Have you worked hard to eliminate the dreaded buckthorn and other invasive species on your property? Perhaps you’ve invested time and money in stabilizing your shoreline. Maybe you’ve converted your lawn into a prairie or restored a portion of your woodland with native plants. If so, congratulations! You are eligible to apply for a North Oaks Conservation Award. 

The goals of the North Oaks Conservation Award program are to acknowledge extraordinary achievement in land management, showcase examples of and encourage sound natural resource management best practices, promote ecosystem awareness, and illustrate the important role of private landowners in the future of our natural resources.

Projects and activities are sought that demonstrate using best conservation practices in North Oaks. There are currently eight award categories: Wetland and Shoreland Conservation, Water Conservation, Woodland Conservation, Prairie Conservation, Pollinator Conservation, Wildlife Habitat Management, Tick Habitat Control, and Invasive Species Control.

Past winners have converted portions of their yards to prairie, controlled buckthorn, and created pollinator habitat.


You may nominate yourself or others. Individuals and groups are eligible to apply; applications are accepted on a continuing basis. All entries are reviewed by an assessment committee, and finalists are evaluated and selected by the North Oaks City Council. Winners are announced at City Council meetings throughout the year.

For more information and to learn how to apply, please visit the City of North Oaks website, and enter “Conservation Award Program” in the search bar.


— Kate Winsor, North Oaks Natural Resources Commission

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