A continuing series on unlocking the potential of older North Oaks homes.

Project: House painting, new garage doors

Homeowner: Karen and Jim Nancekivell

Designer/Architect: Jim Nancekivell

Contractor: Cityscape Painting, Crawford Door Sales

This custom-designed home by architect Michaela Mahady with Karen and Jim Nancekivell, was built in 1999. After completing a full home renovation in 2019, the couple decided they wanted the exterior of their home to reflect the contemporary cottage flavor of its new interior. The new paint scheme represents the third exterior painting of this home over the past 21 years.

Painting the exterior of a house can seem daunting, and a common approach is to select a body color and trim accent or assign colors to different materials used on the exterior. But, depending on architectural features and trim details, you may want to explore a more creative use of color. The materials used on the Nancekivell’s house include cedar shake, four-inch lap siding, stucco, board & batten, and trim detail. Instead of using a traditional approach, Jim chose to apply color based on different architectural features, calling attention to the home’s shapes and architectural uniqueness.

Jim explored a number of color schemes before the couple agreed on a warm dark gray and a creamy white for their refreshed exterior. The dark gray was used on the lower portions of the home to create a solid anchor to the land where the previous color scheme kept darker colors to the top sections of the home.

It is interesting to note that the north gable elevation uses white as the dominant color and the south gable elevation uses dark gray as the dominant color. Both gray and white are used to highlight architectural features on all four sides of the home. White trim and soffits are used consistently to accent the existing bronze clad windows and doors.

To complete the look, new carriage style garage doors with top panel windows wash natural light through the garage interior. The doors are constructed with two layers of steel, R20 insulation and a faux wood fiberglass overlay.


— NOHOA, ASC Committee

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