North Oaks kids are cooking up kindness with meal-sharing app

12-year-old Kom-Unity co-founders Amal Sastry and Neil Gupta of North Oaks are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fuel their mission of sharing kindness, enriching community and spreading happiness through their mobile app.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like sharing food with your neighbors. Two 12-year-old creators are developing an app for that.  

Amal Sastry and Neil Gupta, both of North Oaks, have big ideas for the power of home cooking, digital communities and kindness. The two Chippewa Middle School students, with the help of their parents and Netflix celebrity and  “kindness philanthropist” Leon Logothetis, are in the final stages of developing Kom-Unity, a mobile app that builds trust in communities through homemade food.


How it works

Scheduled to hit the market in January 2020, Kom-Unity will connect users with extra servings of food with a recipient within a three-mile radius. The app operates without the exchange of money: community members earn “Kom-Points” by cooking and delivering food, and spend them to receive it. Phone numbers are verified through the Google Tracking service, keeping the “Kom-Unity” safe and trustworthy. 


The recipe for action

The idea sprung from a simple question: where has kindness gone? Armed with that thought, the two boys surveyed their community and learned that many of their neighbors felt disconnected, despite constant access to the world via the internet. 

“People are so connected digitally that they’re disconnected at a personal 

level,” says Amal Sastry. “Food is something that has a universal appeal and can bring many people together.”

From this insight, Kom-Unity was born.


Kicking off the Kom-Unity

The Kom-Unity Kickstarter campaign launched Saturday, Nov. 16. The 60-day campaign aims to raise $100,000 to bring the app through to completion. The campaign encourages donors to recognize food as the universal denominator, through which we exchange culture and heritage and give each other nourishment. 


Master mentorship in kindness

Amal and Neil’s authentic mission caught the eye of a global celebrity who has built his name on acts of kindness. Speaker, author and TV host Leon Logothetis is serving as the boys’ mentor on their journey to develop the Kom-Unity app. Logothetis is backing the Kickstarter campaign with copies of one or more of his books for level II and up donors.


About Kom-Unity

Kom-Unity is a mobile app designed to build trust, foster kindness, and enrich communities by harnessing the power of a universal common denominator: food. The Kom-Unity app provides means for people to connect by sharing food, which has the ability to span across neighborhoods, communities, cultures and geographic locations. 


—Diane Nelson, Kom-Unity Project Coordinator

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