New ‘no trespassing’ signs adorn all entrances

All entrance roads to North Oaks now have signs designed to help ensure our privacy and allow NOHOA to keep tighter tabs on who uses our roads. The signs read “No Trespassing: Private Road and Lands” with a reference to the City of North Oaks ordinance that pertains to trespassing: Ord 130.04. By citing a municipal ordinance, NOHOA is better able to enforce trespassing and protect the privacy that we all enjoy within North Oaks. It is imperative that we all are vigilant in keeping non-residents, which is to say non-NOHOA Members, from taking advantage of the amenities that we Members pay dues to keep in top form. 

In May, a radar speed sign will also be in place in North Oaks. This solar-powered device will not be installed until all the street sweeping is complete and after the traffic speed study has compiled sufficient data to provide a reliable indicator of traffic flow and resident speed on North Oaks roads. As a vehicle approaches the sign, it will indicate if the motorist is obeying the 30 MPH speed limit (a limit that is posted on all North Oaks roads). If a motorist is exceeding the speed limit the sign will flash “SLOW DOWN.” 

You may have noticed these types of solar-powered speed signs in other nearby communities, and it is hoped that the radar sign in North Oaks will be effective in reducing the speed on our narrow and twisty roads. Between the new No Trespassing signs and the installation of a radar speed sign, NOHOA is actively working to preserve the private and safe legacy that North Oaks has always cherished.


—NOHOA Board of Directors

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