The 2020 election will bring significant changes to the North Oaks City Council and Planning Commission, as four seats were in contention. Kara Ries is mayor-elect, securing nearly 60% of the vote. Incumbent Sara Shah maintains her position as councilmember with 27% of votes. Tom Watson (30%) steps on board as a councilmember, and Jim Hara (57%) obtains a councilmember position in the special election, affording him a term that expires in 2022. 

Full results for all elections, from local to federal, can be found at

Here is the breakdown of total votes and percentages:


North Oaks Mayor:     

•Kara Ries (total votes: 2,059) 59.7%

•Mark R. Azman (total votes: 1,260) 36.5%

•Alex Legeros (total votes: 16) .46%


North Oaks City Council:

•Thomas N. Watson (total votes: 1,769) 29.5%

•Sara Shah (total votes: 1,631) 27.2%

•Rich Dujmovic (total votes: 1,576) 26.3%

•Rick Kingston (total votes: 984) 16.4%


North Oaks City Council 

Special Election: 

•Jim Hara (total votes: 1,722) 56.9%

•Nick Sandell (xtotal votes: 1,020) 33.7%

•Jason Triemert (total votes: 270) 8.9%



Canvassing from the election showed a robust turnout at the polls from North Oaks residents. There were 4,079 persons registered as of Election Day, with another 145 registering on Election Day. A total of 3,918 residents voted, a remarkable 93% of registered voters. 

By comparison, the 2018 election saw 3,294 total votes out of 3,931 registered voters, which was an 88% turnout.

The 2016 election garnered 3,436 total votes out of 3,914 registered voters, which was an 84% turnout. 

The 2020 election saw a 5% increase over the turnout for the 2018 election and a 9% increase over the turnout for the 2016 election. 

The winning candidates will be sworn into their offices at the January 2021 City Council meeting. 

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