Keeping Pleasant Lake pleasant is not an easy task

Pleasant Lake in mid-May is something lovely to behold.

Pleasant Lake and the North Oaks beach are enviable features that Members hope to enjoy all summer long. The beach will officially open on June 1 and there will be no lifeguards on duty this season. NOHOA has been vigilant and pro-active in trying to ensure that this valuable resource is ready for summer activities. Anyone with a cabin up north knows the difficulty in keeping a natural lake swim-worthy all summer, and last year was proof positive of that battle on Pleasant Lake. NOHOA continues to work closely with the Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization (VLAWMO), the MN Department of Natural Resources, the Saint Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS), and other stake holders to conduct activities that address the water quality in Pleasant Lake and surrounding water bodies. 

As if keeping the fowl and geese away from the beach and swimming area is not enough to contend with, we also have to deal with invasive aquatic vegetation. On the beach area itself, treatment for swimmer’s itch will continue. Aquatic weeds will be harvested again this year and the beach area will be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, some Members seem to think that the beach area is a dump site for waste from their house, which makes the cleanup more extensive than it should be. If you see someone dumping their household garbage in the beach area or in the beach dumpsters, notify NOHOA immediately via email at

May the summer be warm and the water be clear!


— NOHOA Board of Directors

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