Harry Wilmot Camp, Jr. passed away quietly in his home on April  22, 2019. He was 108 years old. Born Sept. 20, 1910, at Ft. Totten, North Dakota, Harry grew up in the State of Washington. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1933 with a degree in forestry, and spent the next 42 years working with the U.S. Forest Service. He received numerous awards including the highly prized John Beale Award for service to the Society of American Foresters. Harry retired in 1974 as Regional Director of the Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, with headquarters in Berkeley, California. Harry and Neva Gerdes (preceded in death) were married for 48 years. He is survived by son, Gordon Camp of Elk Grove, California, and daughter, Wendy Camp of Napa, California. He has five grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Harry married Myrna Anderson in June 1983. They lived in California for 26 years before moving to North Oaks in 2009. He is also survived by Myrna's family: sons, Barry, Jay and Ross Wegener, and daughters, Myrnell Brusegaard, Ava Bergan and Wendy Soule, along with their spouses and families. There are a combined total of 16 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren. 

Harry’s wife, Myrna, says Harry passed in his sleep after spending a wonderful Easter Sunday with family. At the time of his death, Harry was thought to be the oldest man in Minnesota, and the 14th oldest man in America.


—Published in the Star Tribune on April 28, 2019

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