Everyone wins after Chippewa Middle School food drive competition

Chippewa seventh-graders pose with the food raised at their friendly school competition to benefit Ralph Reed Food Shelf. The pallet of rice alone was over 700 pounds! 

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get middle schoolers motivated. The band and orchestra students at Chippewa Middle School had a competition to see which ensemble would collect more food for the food drive benefiting the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf.

The food drive competition began last year as a lunchtime conversation between orchestra directors Brian Larson and Stephen Sweeney and band directors Paul Gronert and Nate Blinn. They wondered if challenging their classes to bring in the most food would increase the overall level of giving while providing some team building for their groups. The school saw a large increase last year as students brought in over one thousand pounds of food.   

This year the students were really motivated by the competition, and the groups battled to take and maintain a lead each day. The clear winners of the food drive competition are the members of the community that will benefit from the donations. This year the giving was off the charts! As of press time, the groups had collected more than 5,000 pounds of food with the final totals to be released later this week. In addition to being a great team-building exercise, the food drive will do a lot of good for those in our community that need extra help this time of year. Thanks to the parents and students who participated for all of your generosity. 


—Paul Gronert, Band Director, Chippewa Middle School 

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