Donate to the North Oaks Rummage Sale

North Oaks Guild II is excited to accept your unneeded treasures from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 15 at the West Rec Center in North Oaks. 

With hope, enthusiasm, and dedication, North Oaks Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) Guild II is planning to hold their annual rummage sale this coming September. Proceeds from the rummage sale help support many important programs at Children’s Minnesota. Thus, the Guild is excited to hold a spring drop-off from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 15 at the West Rec Center in North Oaks.

Due to COVID restrictions, it won’t quite be business as usual, but the North Oaks community can help make this drop-off as safe and efficient as possible. Guild II intends to reduce the number of volunteers needed, the amount of hands touching and sorting donations, and the waste of disposing of items that cannot be sold at the rummage sale.


What can the community do to help?

Remember that the Guild can only sell items in good condition and the quality that you would give to a friend. Donated items in poor condition need to go in the trash, which adds to Guild expenses. As much as possible, everyone can help by sorting, wrapping, boxing (or bagging as appropriate), and then labeling your donated items. Donations in boxes are preferred as those are easier to pack into the trucks; however, the Guild understands that may not be feasible for all donations. Label each box (or bag) with one of the following categories: Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Children’s Clothing, Housewares, Games/Toys, Books, Holiday/Craft, Miscellaneous.


Here are some boxing hints from years of experience: 

•Make sure boxes are full so they can be safely stacked in the tractor trailers. 

•Wrap fragile items in tissue paper or newspaper before boxing to prevent breakage. 

•Using smaller boxes for heavier items greatly facilitates loading and stacking. Liquor or wine boxes work well for books and similar objects. 

•It’s not necessary to box large, unbreakable miscellaneous objects but any protective materials you can provide are helpful.


What the Guild regretfully cannot accept

Community support and donations are vital; however, there are some items the Guild cannot accept so please dispose of those in another manner. 

Items NOT accepted: large appliances, TVs that are not digital flat screen, cabinets over 7’, entertainment centers, mattresses and sofa beds, metal desks and 

metal file cabinets, microwave ovens, cribs, car seats, candles (they melt in the trailers), building materials, combustibles, computers and components, encyclopedias, large exercise equipment, ski equipment, and tires.

The Guild appreciates your furniture donations and will pick them up on Saturday, May 15. Please call Ellen Johnson at 612-554-5768 no later than Saturday, May 8 to schedule a furniture pick up. Please note that pickups are for furniture items only in North Oaks.

Refer to the guild website ( for more details on contributions and items that cannot be accepted at the drop-off. Don’t be offended if drop-off volunteers refuse an item. If the Guild can’t sell or pass it on, they must pay disposal fees which reduces the contribution to CHA.

The 2021 Rummage Sale is currently scheduled for Sept. 18 to 19 at the Shoreview Ice Arena. 

For more information, visit the website or email

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