Andrew Weins was awarded the 2020 North Oaks Garden Club Fund Scholarship. Andrew is a senior in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS). He is majoring in Plant Science with an emphasis on floriculture. Andrew credits his mom, Kimberly, and his time spent in their family garden for cultivating his love of gardening. Eager to learn more, he took his first horticulture class through Century College. This class made him even more interested in horticulture, so he transferred to CFANS and chose Plant Science as his major. 

He fondly remembers a class project that has already been particularly helpful to him. In Professor Neil Anderson's Hort 4041 class, Andrew had the opportunity to develop a growth plan for many different plant varieties. This assignment prepared him well for the six-month internship he recently completed at the Neal Mast Greenhouses in Grand Rapids, Michigan, during which he reared mums and poinsettias from seedling to adult. Successfully applying his classroom learning to a real-world setting was an enjoyable and affirming experience for Andrew, who enthusiastically reports, “I was responsible for every input that the plants needed and the timing for each of them!”  

With graduation on the horizon in the fall of 2021, Andrew is weighing his next steps. “Knowing I want to grow a great variety of flowers, I'm considering either working in a greenhouse or starting my own landscaping business,” he says.

Thanks to the North Oaks Garden Club helping him pursue his dreams, Andrew is well prepared for whatever career choices he makes. 

Scholarships make a real difference to students like Andrew. The North Oaks Garden Club created this scholarship in 2014 to help students studying horticulture or pollinators and their habitats. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of other North Oaks students, please visit


— Sharon Severson, North Oaks Garden Club

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