City Council Meeting Summary—May 13

•During public comments, Mark Hougue, President of North Oaks Company, asked that Council give permission to NOC to do grading and similar preparation work on the Island Field and Anderson Wood sites while Council considers final plan approvals. 

•Deputy Burrell gave his report. Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department participated in Operation Safety Net to help protect the Brooklyn Center area. There continues to be catalytic convertor theft from vehicles in surrounding areas. Two serious motor vehicle accidents took place recently on Rt. 96 and Centerville Rd. National Police Week was May 9–15 commemorating law enforcement. Council thanked Deputy Burrell for his service, and Deputy Burrell mentioned support from the community, which he appreciates. Speeding continues to be a concern in North Oaks. Councilmember Watson expressed his concern about the increase in speeding; he suggested that unmarked police cars be used in speed traps. Councilmember Dujmovic will work with Officer Burrell and NOHOA on speed enforcement.        

•Northeast Youth and Family Services gave a presentation. Any youth or adults in need of mental health counseling or community service programs should refer to their website at for a complete list of services and to make an appointment.                                          

•After three years of work and analysis by Planning Commission, City Council, and City staff, the 2040 Comprehensive Plan was approved and will be submitted to the Met Council. This master plan is updated every 10 years.

•Stormwater facilities are currently maintained by North Oaks Company, but ownership and responsibility for them will shift to the City and NOHOA once NOC is finished with development in North Oaks. A Surface Water Management Plan, to provide the City and its residents with direction concerning the administration and implementation of surface water management activities within the community, was approved.

•Effective immediately, minutes for Council and Planning Commission meetings will be taken in a shortened summarized version by Time Savers, versus the verbatim style (longer style) they have been using. Complete videos of meetings will remain available for historical viewing online. There is no change to NRC minutes.

•The City has seen a dramatic increase in recycling during the pandemic, causing an increase in cost for Peterson Waddle, the City’s recycling servicer. Peterson Waddle’s recycling contract is up for renewal in December. Two addendum items were approved by Council for addition to the contract: a price adjustment for fuel costs, and a volume adjustment provision. 

•A conditional use permit (CUP) for garage space in excess of 1,500 square feet was approved for 17 Evergreen Road.


Special City Council Meeting Summary—May 13

Mayor Kara Ries called a special meeting for the City Council on Thursday, May 13, to conduct interviews, discussion, and possible action on proposals for Municipal Attorney Services.

•Council interviewed several attorney firms, and unanimously approved Jim Thomson of Kennedy and Graven as the City’s attorney.


— Gretchen Needham

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